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Feeding the Beast

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I’ve been on a feeding frenzy for the past week. I’m not sure why but I’ve been eating lots of sugar, chocolate and wheat. I love to cook and bake and do make 95% of my family’s meals and treats at home.

Cooking at home means you must have an abundance of ingredients and that costs a lot. I’ve spent over $500 in the past week on food supplies for immediate and future consumption. I will also need to buy milk, bread (for my boys, fruit and vegatables,  which will be an additional $5-10 every 2-3 days.

I like to eat good food and eating healthy food is far more expensive than eating at a fast food place everyday. For this reason, I can understand why so many people do it. I even used to live like that.

I lived with my brother and his first wife for a few months when I was 18. They both worked and never cooked at home. Actually, that’s lie. His wife had one meal she could make: lasagna. It was good but she only made it once a month at best.

Anyway, they ate fast food and chinese take-away every night. I was working at the local Dairy Queen so I also ate fast food every night (with a staff discount) and then with them on my nights off. Needless to say, I gained about 20lbs in 2-3 months.But I never, ever spend $500 at the supermarket!!!

I am definitely on an eating rollercoaster. As a write this I’m eating a bowl of halva; the third time I’ve made it in as many weeks. It would all be good except that I feel horrible when I go on these binges.

I’m passed feeling guilty about it: Fuck it I say. But I physically feel ill: bloated, heavy and constipated. Now, I’m usually not inclined to talk about my bowel movements but I think I need to get over the embarrassment of going to the toilet. And my sister just died from bowel and other cancers so I want to learn more about how to prevent this  bastard of a disease.

Remember: Tonight’s dinner is always tomorrow’s poo. And if it isn’t, you should check back  for more talk about poo and you.


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

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