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The Countdown

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It’s that time of year again. Eat, drink and be fat. The countdown to a new year and possibly a new you,  is on….10 days to wrap your head around your resolutions.

The other day I was researching diet and exercise and found lots of information. I was wondering what the recommended amount of exercise was to stay fit.

According to the National Physical Activity Guidlines for Adults, you need 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise to enhance your health. Enhance? Interesting choice of words.

Since early October, when I started my no-holds-barred eating regime, I’ve enhanced my waistlist and weight by 4 kgs. I hadn’t been overly busy in the first few months but on Dec 1, I took a casual cleaning job.

The job is physically demanding and so this has been my exercise. Since, I’ve not gained any additional weight but seem to be ‘settling’ into my new physique. Re-introducing beer to my daily diet has not helped the matter. Which reminds me….I’m empty. #2 for the night coming up.

Ok beer sorted, back to my new job. I was taking as many shifts that were available – 3 or 4 per week while wee man was in school. Now that he is on holidays, I will work one day per week. Not enough to work off my excessive diet. And sitting at a desk writing only contributes to my widening ass.

I don’t want a wide ass. Nor do I want to eat unhealthy food or drink every day. It’s December 21…..the big lead up to Christmas and New Year’s day. A perfect time to over-indulge then redeem your health with a resolution to be fit and healthy.

The countdown is on. On Jan 1, I am back on my restricted diet with an added exercise regime. Who’s joining me?


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

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