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Vitamin C to Curb Cravings

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Yes, it’s true. At least for me it is. I have been taking therapeutic doses (up to 3000mg) of vitamin C in the form of supplements for nearing 6 weeks now. I no longer crave any foods; sugar, chocolate and alcohol were my main cravings of 2011.

With 2011 in the past, I am happily living my “new and improved” life with mostly clean, whole foods. I do eat the occasional processed food (rice crackers, quinoa crackers, packet falafel mix, rice milk). It’s pretty hard to avoid unless you have a small farm and raise your own meat, grow your own fruit and vegetables and harvest your own grains. I’m not about to become a farmer. I can barely keep herbs alive! Thankfully, my free-range chickens mostly take care of themselves.

Anyway, my main diet consists of: brown rice, legumes, oats, free-range chicken and eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, rice milk and decaf coffee and teas. And water, of course.

I truly believe the high doses of vitamin C  help me to maintain this seemingly bland diet (which it is not). We all have heard the health benefits of vitamin C before: a powerful anti-oxidant that may reduce the risk of cancer by repairing damaged cells, strengthens the immune system and destroys bacteria and viruses. It is a natural anti-histamine and also helps us to manage stress better. I think everyone can benefit from that!!

Strawberries - A delicious source of vitamin C

The body does not naturally make vitamin C so we need to get it from food and/or supplements. I take a Mega C, 1000mg per dose horse-sized pill, up to 3 times per day. I also get it in my foods: citrus, strawberries, capsicums (peppers), kiwi fruit, fresh herbs and broccoli. The levels I receive from food are much less than the supplements so I do not worry about overdosing on the vitamin. According to Patrick Holford and Dr. James Braly’s book, Hidden Food Allergies – Is What You Eat Making You Ill?, it is safe to take 2000mg of vitamin C for therapeutic reasons like overcoming allergies or food craving and 500mg per day for maintenance. Higher doses are ok for extreme cases but I recommend seeking professional advice before undertaking.

I will decrease my intake to 1000mg for the month of February and see how I go.

Now that I have my eating regime in place, I really need to get an exercise program on the go. I am going back to weekly yoga on February 1st after a 5 month hiatus!!! My tummy begs to be toned and tight.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog of my own food and health journey. Please do not diagnose yourself based on my experiences. JM


Author: Jennifer Morton

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