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Dairy, Dairy Me

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At the Utterly Wild Desserts Stall

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika (New Zealand).

The second stall I stopped at was the Utterly Wild Colostrum Desserts. As the name suggests, their products are all made from milk and the staff were busy rounding up potential buyers.

Dave Ritchie was dressed like a mad scientist with a pink wig and wearing a backpack of milk. Boy, was I in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

Dave picked me from the crowd to be the first victim customer to be shot in the mouth with his cream filled pistol. Now stay with me, this is a clean post…well almost.

I am the last person to ever want to be on centre stage but with the crowd gathered around, I didn’t know how to say NO THANKS.

The cow hat with floppy ears was forced upon me and I stood there with my mouth wide open. The bell rang out to announce to everyone in the near vicinity that the gun was about to go off.

I’m not sure what exactly I expected, but when the stream of full-cream milk hit my tonsils, I closed off my throat so I wouldn’t ingest the forbidden liquid.

As the milk spewed from my mouth, Dave shouted, ‘You’re supposed to swallow it!!!’

Milk covered my face and hoodie and I swallowed the small amount that remained in my mouth ( to be polite) and confessed to not eating  dairy!!

I felt pretty silly but it was a laugh and the bit of creamy milk I did take in did not kill me. The other desserts looked yummy but I didn’t feel the urge to blow my restricted diet for them. Hubby said the cheesecake was delicious though.

Dave and his herd were awesome at making their stall fun and entertaining. They won Best Community Stall for the 4th year in a row!!!

A willing customer prepared to take a spill.

Milk was probably the least ‘wild’ thing I consumed at the festival. Stay tuned for the gory details of my food adventures at the Wildfoods Festival!


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

One thought on “Dairy, Dairy Me

  1. Haha of all people to get suckered into dairy!

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