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Notes About Imperfection And Other Fun Stuff


Finally, another post!!!

I can hear the sigh from you all. After a few comments and questions about what happened to Kai Chronicles, the pressure to wow, or even produce,  is enormous.  I am not only sighing (a sign of STRESS) but also rubbing my head and hiding behind my hands. I’m typing with my elbows.

This 2-month long trip was meant to seal my fate as a writer; so far it has not. I have pitched 1 personal story to an Australian magazine and have not heard back yet. I have pitched ZERO to any Canadian publication or ANY other publication. But I refuse to surrender.

Sure, I’ve thought about packing it in. I’ve had (and have) thoughts like, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not motivated enough’  and ‘I’m too lazy’, but those thoughts can be overridden. Right?

Some successful writers will say (and have said to me personally) that if you do not write everyday, then you are NOT a writer. Can this be true? Is that a fair statement to make to a budding and hopeful writer? I may not be a perfect writer and I certainly have not found my daily groove but I’m still here. I AM a writer, damn it!

Yes, it’s been an epic hiatus (over 2 weeks), I know. And really I have no excuse but I do have a list of things that I have been up to. Here they are:

  • I travelled from Saint John to Bouctouche, New Brunswick, the home of my brother-in-law’s family. I ate a lobster roll.

Lobster roll…Yummo

  • I travelled from Bouctouche to my birthplace of Nova Scotia.

Arriving in Nova Scotia

  • I had a family (reunion) dinner in Halifax, was snubbed by a sibling and visited the gravesite of my sister, Virginia.
  • I attended a memorial for Virginia on what would have been her 54th birthday. It was a happy event and I got to spend time with long-lost relatives. Virginia was there in spirit.

Happy Times

  • I went to my mother’s house and spent 5 nights there. No internet access. I ate far too much pie. I started drinking daily.

Lemon Meringue Pie

  • I went to my friend Gillian McKenzie’s house in Chester, Nova Scotia. The drinking continued.
  • I ate 3 meals at Gillian’s  Seaside Shanty restaurant. Every meal was fantastic. Thank you so much. Another thing crossed off my bucket list!!

The best seafood chowder from the Seaside Shanty in Chester, Nova Scotia.

Maple walnut mixed greens with scallops and shrimp….OMG, the best salad ever.

Enjoying wine and the seaside view at the Shanty.

  • I helped a friend with some house cleaning (no pictures attached).
  • I had 2 fun and fabulous evenings at Chez McKenzie in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. This family never disappoints; always good for great food, lots of booze and plenty of laughs. Thank you for always welcoming me…even for lobster dinner!! Yes, this family knows how to entertain.
  • Gillian and I went to Halifax for lunch and errands. A day I certainly could have spent writing but spending it with a friend was nicer.
  • I attended A Champagne Ball Aboard The Titanic (not the real Titanic!!) with Gillian in Chester. We were representing the Shanty with smoked salmon and solomon gundy appetizers. It was a fun event.

Winning at the roulette table

Gillian & I looking fabulous!

  • I resumed my affair with Christian Grey by starting Fifty Shades of Grey Darker.
  • I lamented about not writing more…and will continue to do so.







Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

3 thoughts on “Notes About Imperfection And Other Fun Stuff

  1. Oh my god I totally just fell in love with your blog! You are a writer if you feel like one, because God/Goddess knows that it is not necessarily the most acclaimed thing to profess yourself to be! I say, if you want to take days off in order to live your life before writing about it, then that is what you should do. If you want to write every day, with fingers, elbows, knees or toes, then you do that. If you want to never write again, then do that! You will still be a writer if you claim to be, because who’s to say that you won’t jot down a word in the sand while you sit on some beach on some unknown island someday, without pen or paper. You just won’t be a writer-that-writes every day. Distinctions work wonders, and while reading your entry I did not feel the need to skim once. 🙂

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