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A full plate that can’t be ate!!



I know my title is bad grammar but I like to rhyme all the time. Ok, I’ll stop. And no, I’m not drunk, I’ve only had half a beer!

I’ve had a busy week. I keep loading more and more onto my work schedule that puts more pressure on me to perform. Why do I do it?

Because I want to succeed.

I even have a detailed schedule that I have  tacked on the wall by my desk and if I followed it, I would be free and clear of most work duties for the weekend. But, no. It’s 5:12pm on Friday and I’m writing this blog post because I spent too much time checking Facebook or researching or making coffee or just day dreaming. I did accomplish some things this week , but not much.

Regarding this blog, my aim is to write 3 posts per week. This post is actually Wednesday’s and today’s scheduled blog was cancelled because I had a sudden interview/photo shoot to do for an article that is not due until December. Did I mention that Master T stayed home from school today? He’s sick, once again.

I’m seriously starting to be suspicious about the health issues in this new town we call home. He just spent a week off school only 6 weeks ago! It seems like most people in this town are either ill or have been recently. My sister asked me if there was a toxic waste dump in the area and now I’m beginning to wonder myself.  But,  I will not get sick again. I refuse illness, I’m far too busy for it.

So, with a community meeting to attend about fracking on my books for tomorrow and a kid’s birthday party to take Master T to on Sunday, my weekend is far from free. Mr M is away for 2 weeks so I’m on my own and poor little Master T has to tag along to my work meetings, ill or not. Aside from having an extremely high work ethic, something that has always stuck with me since completing the magazine and newspaper writing course at SWC was Valerie Khoo saying that come hell or high water you must always make a deadline.

And that is what I do, even at the expense of my own child. Sounds terrible I know, but he’s a trooper and he’s now fast asleep after embarrassing me at a strangers house by climbing all over their furniture while I’m conducting my interview. What’s more unprofessional, cancelling a gig or taking your ill, 6-year-old son? Hmmmm? For the record, the interviewee was the one who told me to bring him along rather than cancel.


I’m taking a deep breath and focusing on my quiet evening. I’ll make next week’s schedule which includes a deadline to my #1 magazine goal, Good Health. It has a reputation of being extremely hard to get to print but I’m on my third shot so my odds are increasing.

And look here, the sun shines at 5:44pm after a day of off again on again storms.


The sun shines on even the stormiest days.

Happy weekend all…..put the work to bed and live it up!







Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

2 thoughts on “A full plate that can’t be ate!!

  1. aaah the life of a freelancer…looking forward to reading your GH piece 🙂

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