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If I were a fitness freak…..


Are you one of those people who exercises every day and loves it?

I have gone through many phases of committing to fitness over the years but really, it’s not my favorite thing to do.

Even yoga, although I’m committed to it, I have to force myself to do it.

Starting in July, I have been training with Mr M. It’s something I never fancied because he has heaps of experience with martial arts and kickboxing and he can be quite intimidating. I feel embarrassed to be punching a bag when I don’t really have the proper technique and to watch him do it is scary because he has so much physical power. I do have some experience because when I lived in Sydney in 2001, I went to a boxing gym twice a week but did not keep up my work.  But, now that I’m over 40, I notice my body changing.

3 2-minute rounds of skipping

I’m tired of my bloated and fat stomach; I figure exercise is the best way to combat it. Now, I have taken to it and even when Mr M is not training, I am doing it on my own (once I get passed my mind resisting it).


Ab work is a must

I am now doing some form of fitness up to 6 days a week, even if only 20 minutes each day. When Mr M is training with me, we do 60 minutes of mixed training (cardio, strength and boxing) twice a week.  I also attend an Iyengar yoga class each Wednesday and do Pilates and the ‘5 Healing Tibetans’ at home.  It’s never enough.


I wish the results were instant. My body seems to want to resist this help and I don’t see much change happening.  Maybe my diet has something to do with it? Ha!! I know it does.

Now I’m angry


I need to kick my muffin habit



I seem to be stuck in a rut with food now.  I can be so healthy & diligent at times and destructive at other times. When Mr M is away, I don’t like to cook for myself. I often give Master T something easy; something he will actually eat and I’ll eat whatever is quick, like homemade chocolate chip biscuits.

I need to stop baking. I gave away 4 chocolate banana muffins yesterday because I didn’t want them in the house anymore.

If I were I fitness freak I wouldn’t have to be bothered with food issues. It’s my belief that fitness gurus never consume anything that is not healthy. Fact or fantasy?  It doesn’t really matter.  However, it made me happy to read that celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson works-out like a maniac so she can eat chocolate.

I do respect my body and believe that if I treat it well, it will treat me well. It’s soon lunchtime and I think tuna salad is on the menu today.

 Do you exercise so you can indulge in your favorite foods?


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

4 thoughts on “If I were a fitness freak…..

  1. I can never keep up. I exercise cos I like it, I drink wine cos I like it- unfortunately the in still is more than the out. I comfort myself that creatively I am better when I train…sometimes I would prefer the jeans size to be going down though!

  2. Disclaimer: I have spent more hours than I care to think about in therapy for one form of an eating disorder or another. I still feel drawn to these kinds of discussions. Here is what I’ve learned about myself — when I do intense workouts more than 3xs per week, my appetite is insatiable, and I wind up obsessing about my body. Now I stick to 1-2 yoga classes a week and 2-3 moderate cardio activities (walking, elliptical machine, bike riding), and I try to do this consistently — lifetime balance & moderation is what I now strive for. You look amazingly fit in your photos. Be kind to yourself. Oh, and when my significant other is out of town, I feed the kids something easy and snack on Odwala Juice and Lara Bars for dinner. Perhaps that’s disordered, but it keeps me from either not eating or eating too many of the foods that don’t work for me (mostly baked goods.) Lovely and thought-provoking post.

    • Thanks for your comments, Grief Happens. I was wondering when someone would comment on my slender appearance. I agree, I do look fit in the pics but that’s with clothes on. I want to look damn good NAKED!!! LOL. I skipped my training yesterday for a beer on the beach. It felt great! I saw dolphins. Hubby gets home today. I made him a chocolate cake. I’ll have one slice (ha!). Life is good…better than good.

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