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The Skydiver Diet


falling…..in love with life ©Morton


My skydiving photos have been taken from this site many times over without my permission. Please note all images on Kai Chronicles are copyrighted and cannot be used without written permission. If you have used the image without my permission, please remove it from your site ASAP. 

The other day I resumed a long dismissed hobby: skydiving.

I obtained my license in late 2004 and over the following months, did 10 jumps. Then I fell pregnant.

I know that many women continue to jump from planes even when “with child” but I decided, as a novice jumper, that I would not. I wanted the baby so much and after already having one miscarriage, I felt skydiving was too risky.

Now, it has been 8 years since getting my A license and 7.5 years since doing my last solo jump in Fiji. I never put much thought into getting back in the sky. My priorities changed and I didn’t see the need. However, I needed a shake up so on this particular day.

I woke up in an emotional state. I felt ignored, alone and even though Master T had just gone back to school after 2 weeks holiday and I loved that idea, I couldn’t bear to spend another day in front of my computer with no other humans in sight.

It’s time, I thought. I ate breakfast, had a coffee and packed up my notes and tattered logbook and headed down to the drop zone.

It was busy with many other “fun” jumpers gearing up and getting ready for the next load. I studied and waited for my instructor to go over some notes and tests with me. I mean, after 7+ years it’s best to be sure that I know what I’m doing up there. And, I’d have to go through some basic training again as well as jump with 2 instructors like a brand new student.

One hour turned into two, then three. I didn’t bring lunch and I realised that I wasn’t even hungry. I had a few mints in my purse. I ate them to relieve nerves not hunger.

I will admit that I had a nervous tummy but I wasn’t totally stressed out. I thought about eating but dismissed it as a bad idea.

When 4 hours passed without food, it was time to gear up. No time now, plus I really didn’t want to eat. If I was doing any other activity, I would have been near the fainting stage by now. I’m not one to go without food for very long. I get weak and angry. Not on this day, things were too exciting!

My jump was great. I had no idea that I would actually want to start skydiving again but when my instructor asked if I wanted to go up again, I said yes. So we did.

The second jump (now with only 1 instructor) was even better!!! I was more relaxed in freefall and even had a full release, meaning I flew by myself.

By the time we were back on the ground it was 5pm. I hadn’t eaten all day and was running on uncut adrenalin.


does this rig make me look fat? ©Morton

Later that evening, my body was sore and tired. Skydiving is a form of fitness. With friends, Mr M, Master T and I ate a very healthy dinner of BBQ chicken and garden salad. And to celebrate being back in the sky, I enjoyed 2 beer. Sometimes, I just have to bend my own rules; lighten up and celebrate life!!


Disclaimer:  I don’t encourage anyone to go without food. Fueling your body is important and essential when participating in any sport, including skydiving.


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

7 thoughts on “The Skydiver Diet

  1. Wow, what an accomplishment, to have a skydiving license, and well done in getting back into it. Life is definately for living – even if it is on the edge 🙂

  2. I thought my hiatus for summer was long enough. Many props to you for getting back in it after that long!

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  4. i coppide the image lol😅

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