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WWW – What’s Working for me Wednesday

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It’s been a busy day. With Christmas holidays nearly upon us, my days are getting full and hectic so I decided to take a day off.  It is this day off that’s working for me Wednesday!! And what a day is has been!

We took a 2-hour drive north to Geraldton. Today marked the first day of summer holidays for Master T and we needed to do some last minute shopping.

We were up at 6am to be on the road at 7am and we actually drove out of the driveway at 7:05. This is a near miracle as we are never on time!! The day started off well.

After arriving, we spent the morning shopping and test driving a car. By lunch time, I was so hungry I could barely stand it.

I am that person who simply cannot go more than 4 or 5 hours without eating. If I do, I feel faint and sometimes irritable. Thank goodness we found The Dome, a family friendly restaurant along Geraldton’s foreshore. It was busy and reminded me of a typical  chain eatery that you’d find in North America. It had a book for a menu, the kind with photos. It’s hard to stick to a healthy eating plan when I famished, but I compromised and ordered a chicken caesar salad and an iced coffee/mocha made with soy milk. It still had the whip cream but at least I didn’t overdose on dairy.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad

OMG!! What a treat.

OMG!! What a treat.


The salad was good but wow, it was salty. I don’t usually eat bacon….and crickey, there was a lot of it!! The coffee was more like dessert and that was delish!!

After lunch, we went to the giant kids park along the beach. Master T & I  sat in the sand to relax before he went wild in the water park!!

Jeans on the beach work in Geraldton...the sea breeze can be cool.

Jeans on the beach work in Geraldton…the sea breeze can be cool.

I'm in Geraldton!!

I’m in Geraldton!!


I like to shop and actually finished the Christmas shopping today!!!! But the highlight of the trip was going to the Geraldton Guardian office; meeting the staff and seeing the news room!!! After 5 months of freelancing for them, it was nice to finally meet some of writers and editors. I even left with several past newspapers and even got today’s paper (free!!)with my latest piece on page 4!! I was over the moon with excitement when I left….like a giddy school girl. I know, small things amuse small minds!!! LOL!

Here I am posing outside the office and desperately hoping the staff are not watching through the curtains!!

Here I am posing outside the office and desperately hoping the staff are not watching through the curtains!!

My day off came to an end when I got home at 6pm. I got showered and dressed in smart-casual clothes and went to cover a community story. The next few days will be filled with more events to cover and stories to be written. Oh, the life of a writer. It’s simply fabulous!

In case I do not make it back here before Christmas, I’ll say happy holidays now!

Happy Holidays!! Be joyful, smile and have fun….always!






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