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I recently had a piece published on the prestigious Australian website, The Hoopla. This is a main target amongst many budding and established writers because it discusses topics of the NOW and offers a place for everyone to have a say. Read the article here.

When I submitted to their My Story segment (way back in March – before I had decided to be tested), I never considered (silly of me) that my personal little article would generate any comment, let alone 19 of them when I saw it for the first time.  I was shocked and a bit scared to read them especially when I scanned and saw words like ANNOYED, ANGRY and SCREAM. Uh-oh.

Then I actually read the comments and they were full of concern and heartbreak from people who were going through a similar experience, or had in the past. There were many, “GO HAVE THE TESTS” kind of suggestions. I tried to reply to every post but it got to the point where I felt I had to stop. I realised that I couldn’t say anything to these strangers that would make everything ok, for them or me. Some lost mothers to cancer, some had cancer themselves. Some needed to book an appointment and did so after reading my post – I’m grateful for that.

Even though the comments were tame I still felt like an idiot; like a stupid, selfish woman who couldn’t get her priorities in order. And I put myself there. I put myself out there for scrutiny. This is what we writers do.

I thank each and every one of those strangers who commented. I have taken their words in; allowed them to seep into my soul. Fear holds us back from so many things and life is one the the biggest things we miss out on because of it.

Do you have a health concern that needs to be checked? 


Author: Jennifer Morton

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