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Christmas is for…cats.

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Scrappy Coco

©Jennifer Morton Photography

My family and I recently added 2 new kittens to our household. Above, you will notice Scrappy Coco looking adorable on a Santa hat. She’s nearly 3 months old and as cute as can be.


©Jennifer Morton Photography

And there is Gingerballs. He’s a month older than Scrappy Coco. They are not from the same litter but they are the best of mates.

fallen tree

©Jennifer Morton Photography

Dear Santa

©Jennifer Morton Photography

I grew up in a household that always had cats. My mother is often referred to as a crazy cat lady because she usually has several cats – sometimes we’ve had as many as 10+ cats. Many are barn cats though and not house pets.

My son, 7-year-old Master T is a cat person. We got our first kitten when he was 2 and ever since, he’s loved cats. He has several toy cats and for awhile, he was inseparable from a black & white stuffed cat named Malaysia.

Malaysia, who was bought in Kuching, Borneo had to go everywhere with us. Malaysia has  been retired to the “friends” corner for quite some time now but Master T has other cat friends too.

  • Tom
  • Japan (guess where he’s from?)
  • Gary
  • And now the 2 real kittens, Scrappy Coco & Gingerballs
Tai & Malaysia

Master T not long after getting Malaysia.
©Jennifer Morton

Last Christmas, I bought him I Could Pee on This a book of cat poetry. It’s hilarious and a must have for all cat lovers. If you’re in need of a gift for someone this year and they love cats, get them it. It’s a guaranteed winner!

This year, I’ve bought him Grumpy Cat’s new book. It’s funny too. I love that pessimistic cat. He’s everything I aspire NOT to be: bitchy, negative, cynical, hateful and rude. But damn he cracks me up!!!

Ruining Xmas

Grumpy Cat hates Christmas

Most cats love Christmas though. All that tinsel and baubles and trees to climb IN THE HOUSE!!! Wow, it’s like Christmas was made for cats.

So, Happy Holidays to all the cats and their loyal owners.

cat oath

Do you have cats? Do they love Christmas?


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