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Review: Clear Cafe in Ubud, Bali



The view from my table (well, when I stand up)

On my only food friendly day in Ubud, I wonder the streets in search of a healthy cafe. I have a list of potentials and ask a local man to point me in the direction of one within walking.

‘This one too far,’ he says as he points to the notebook in my hands, ‘you need taxi. Don’t know this one’, as he points to another but then, ‘ahh, Soma is not far.’

‘I can walk there?’

‘Yes, not far you can walk,’ he says as he moves his right hand in the direction of the cafe.

So, I turn right from the Yoga Barn’s alley and onto Jilan Raya Pengosekan.

It’s mid-morning and relatively quiet. I love how the shopkeepers do not harass me nearly as much as they do in Kuta.

Shops are close together, piled up on each other it seems. I keep my eyes open for Soma as I walk and take it all in.

Just when I thought I may have missed it, I spot the sign for Clear Cafe. This one’s on my list and I remember a positive review from another blogger so I decide to go in.

The entrance hostess (is that what they call them?) is smiley and offers in a frangipani for my hair. The steps are lined with shoes so I follow suit and remove my near new Asics pink runners.

Inside is bright and teeming with more staff. I am ushered to a small table but when I spot the pond in the middle of the restaurant with a balcony overlooking, I ask if I can sit upstairs.

Upstairs, there is one couple seated so I have my pick of several seats.

I chose a long table for three overlooking the fish pond. I like the pretty flowers.


offerings and flowers

Within seconds a waitress delivers the menu.

I’m starting a 3-day juice cleanse tomorrow so I need to eat lightly. Everything on the menu looks divine but I choose to order from the raw and macrobiotic section.

clear_menu copy

Sneak peek

It’s 10:50am when my meal arrives. I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast or even have a coffee. Believe it or not, Starbucks in Kuta doesn’t open until 9am.

The hummus is green and has a beautiful smooth texture. I scoop it up with slices of zucchini, spears of cucumber,  strands of red capsicum and raw flaxseed crisps. I’ve never had raw bread/crackers before so I have no expectations but I am IN LOVE. Who would of thought ground up pressed seeds could be turned into crackers without baking or frying?

clear_hummus copy

hummus, veggies and raw flaxseed crackers

clear_salad copy

Buddha Salad….delicious!

I also got the Buddha Salad. I love green papaya in salads and that was the draw card!! It also had healthy portions of organic greens, carrot, apple, avocado, pumpkin seeds and it came with its own raw pumpkin crackers! These were even more delish than the flax ones!! The dressing was heavy handed and mildly spicy but yummy and moreish!

To wash it all down, I sipped on a Green & Clean juice: spinach, apple, lime, turmeric and ginger.

Groovy tunes and giggling staff helped me relax and melt into the padded bench seat. I didn’t want to leave so I ordered a chai tea with cashew milk.

Once that scented and mealy drink was downed, I still didn’t want to leave but it was heading for noon and new patrons were storming the place.


Maybe next time I’ll sit at one of these low tables

clear_pond 2

I love this fish pond!!

All up my tastings cost 150,000 IDR, which is approx $15 AUD. This is a bit pricey for Bali but I’m not complaining. When I return to Ubud, Clear Cafe will be my first stop!!

Clear Cafe score: 9.5/10

Will I return? Hello yes!!



Author: Jennifer Morton

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3 thoughts on “Review: Clear Cafe in Ubud, Bali

  1. aaaaaaaah Ubud….I feel more relaxed just thinking about it….

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