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Change is coming


I went to a blog seminar in Perth the other night.

The 2-hour talk featured graphic designer Kelly Exeter. I look up to her and admire what she does.

It seems that everything she produces is beautiful and inspiring.

Guess that’s why the Australian Writers’ Centre called the seminar, Make Your Blog Beautiful and had Kelly present it. (Not only is she ace at design, she has the cutest voice ever! Just saying.)

I knew I would walk away with great ideas and tips on how to make my blog a better landing-place.

I just didn’t know I would feel so overwhelmed by it all.

I have a lot to do and lots to think about.

What do I want this blog to do?

What do I want people to say about me?

Who are my readers?

What do I want readers to do when they visit Kai Chronicles?

Seriously, these are things I’ve not thought much about.

And don’t get me started on what Kelly said about fonts and colours!!!

So, over the next few weeks you will see some changes here at Kai Chronicles. Some may be temporary and some may stay. I’ll be experimenting lots.

I really want this blog to look gorgeous and offer my readers inspiration and useful tips on how to live a healthy and full life. In the meantime, I’ll keep posting about my food and health escapades.



Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

4 thoughts on “Change is coming

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I always love what you have to say, your blogs always give me something to think about and always inspire me to do more. Don’t forget to breathe!

  2. Wow Jen – I looked at this post last night, then came back to it this morning – it’s CHANGED! It looks great, I love the new header and the info in the side bar. I’m still digesting all that we learned the other night and scheduling a few changes shortly 🙂

    • I stayed up until midnight last night making some changes. It’s not exactly what I want. It’s not magazine style but I can’ find the perfect theme at the moment. I do like the header..wonder if it ticks all the boxes though. It’s much better than it was though. I wanted hot pink text where the blue is but after changing it a zillion times and saving it over and over I finally figured out that I have to pay for that colour!! Thanks for the comment!! I did have a look at your blog yesterday to see if you had changed anything yet! It IS a lot to digest.

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