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Detox in Bali: In search of my last meal(s)


When I arrive in Ubud, Bali the sun is high. It warms my back as I walk the long alleyway to the Yoga Barn where I will spend the next four nights.

It’s only 10 am and my room is not ready so I leave my bag at reception and head out in search of a few healthy cafes I have listed in my notebook.

Lucky for me, I come across Clear Cafe, a stunning eatery a 15 minute (or so) walk away. ( I posted a review about it here.)



After my deliciously healthy brunch, I slip my sneakers back on and continue wandering the streets and alleys of Ubud.

I stumble upon Soma, the cafe I was originally looking for. It’s down a skinny street that leads to Monkey Forest Road.

I don’t go into the restaurant because it’s set back from the street, plus I don’t plan on eating anything else (yet). But I do want to experience another healthy cafe in Ubud.

They have a juice bar at curb side so I order a Holy Noni (think cancer fighter) juice to go and continue my stroll. I down it in less than a minute. I feel like I wasted a paper cup and straw.

As I meander along, I discover yet another cafe on my hit list (Living Food Lab). There’s no way I need anymore food but I pop in for a lime and coconut water. You put the lime in the coconut……*sways hips*


It’s 2pm so I walk along Monkey Forest Road and head right at the top end and I’m back at the Yoga Barn’s alleyway.

As I walk down a dozen stairs through the cafe and down another 25 stairs, I’m grateful that my baggage has been taken to my room. Not that I had much. This is a quick trip and I’m travelling light.

Down a few more stairs, I walk along the path, pass the Spa and find myself in front of the accommodation block. I love the white wicker chairs and the white-washed shutters that border the windows. It reminds me of the Old South (USA).


Up 25 more stairs, I arrive at the open-air reception desk where I am greeted by a young Balinese man. We take care of the paperwork and he takes me to my room.

As per my normal, I scrutinise the room carefully then unpack my bag.

It’s five o’clock before I am ready to return to the streets of Ubud for dinner.

I am a fan of Elisabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love so I have a pre-meditated dinner date at Wayan’s Cafe: party of one.

It’s early when I arrive and not busy at all. It’s more of a restaurant than cafe – the place is huge!

I’m seated in what I feel is the middle of the eatery but there’s trees and plants and staff everywhere so I don’t feel like I’m in the spotlight. Thank goodness!!

I know I need to eat light. I’ve been told to not drink alcohol too  (I had enough at the airport and on the plane last night anyway thank you very much).

My eyes flicker through the menu. I toss up between a papaya salad with chicken or a mild curry. Suddenly I remember to not eat anything that will produce too much gas so I opt for the salad. I also order a fresh ginger tea to start. This is always a good idea to get the digestive juices fired up. I’ve been doing it for years.

As the mozzies devour my ankles, I sip the ginger liquid and scrap pools of excess dressing from my greens, chicken and papaya. I kick myself for not asking for dressing on the side. Damn Damn.

Wayan cafe(2)

I leave in darkness and ever so slowly pass by the cake counter that is purposely positioned at the entrance. On my first visit to Ubud last year (can’t believe I didn’t blog about it! Double Damn), I took a piece of chocolate mud cake back to the hotel. I remember it was delicious (how could chocolate cake NOT be) but I had a severe headache that night so I ate it for breakfast the next day. I have no shame. This time though, I do not collect cake. I’m sure I will regret it later.

Back in my room, I retire to my cocoon-like single bed early.


My bed does not have a duvet or blanket, just a sheet and thin bed cover. I’m cold. I think about that cake a little, hoping it will warm me up. Regret is a bitch.

My consultation with Andrea, the Colon Hydrotherapist is at 8am tomorrow so I turn my tablet and lights off.

I want to be all fresh and rested for tomorrow’s early morning colonic.

Stay tuned for Detox in Bali: Day 1 Let the Fun Begin











Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

4 thoughts on “Detox in Bali: In search of my last meal(s)

  1. Love the photos Jen. I think it’s nearly time I headed back to Ubud again and The Yoga Barn might be just the place.

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