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Detox in Bali: Breaking the fast

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detox day 4 koi

Okay, I survived a 3-day juice cleanse in Bali. Sure, I was hungry sometimes but it was worth it!! I feel amazing!! My bloated belly is gone, my skin is clearing up and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Now, I must return to solid food. Slowly but surely.

Once again, I’m up early to get my water down and dispel most of it before a Slow Flow yoga session at 8am. Levi, the astrologer, is teaching. I really like his style and zen-like nature. He’s assuring and calm. He’s funny too. Slow Flow is exactly that, a slow, flowing class. Of all the classes I attended during this trip, this was my favourite.

Afterwards, deja vu hits me as I walk the 20 stairs to the cafe and order a wheat grass shot, green juice and a coconut water. I see no point in rushing back to solids just yet.

detox day 4 path

detox day 4 shot

I have prepared for the event though. I budget a lot so I went to the local supermarket and bought a small tray of cut pineapple, a few bananas, fresh ginger, limes, an avocado and a bag of organic greens.

detox day 4 fruit

I was advised to break the detox with a single ripe fruit. The rule for breaking a fast is to ease back to solids very gently. The rule also says for every day of your fast, take half the amount of time to eat very gently. I did 3 days, so that’s 1.5 days for me to eat like a bird. Do birds eat pineapple?

I had my pineapple slices for lunch along with more water. And more water. And a bit of sight-seeing before I had to head back to Kuta for the night.


But I was not leaving Ubud without another massage. I arrive for my 1pm booking for a 90-minute Lomi Lomi massage (sorry – I cannot for the life of me find the brochure). I’m given a ginger tea while I wait for my masseuse. She arrives and introduces herself as Wayan. This is an easy name to remember as many people are given that name in Bali (every first born is called Wayan).

detox day 4 tea

Wayan shows me to the room by way of a”floating” walkway that leads to the room.  For the next 90 minutes I allow my body to relax as she rubs out any knots and tension in my body – not that there was much after 4 days of yoga and detoxing.

detox day 4 massage bed

As I’m getting dressed, Wayan brings me my last green juice while in Ubud. It’s cucumber and lime and it’s delicious!!!

detox day 4 last juice

I’m sad to leave Ubud but my flight back to Australia is early tomorrow morning so I need to stay close to the airport.

I take my bananas (for tomorrow’s breakfast at the airport) and my salad stuff with me. With only enough local currency to get me to the airport and pay my departure fee, I eat my bagged salad and avocado sprinkled with lime for dinner.

All in all, it was a fantastic mini ME holiday. Sometimes you have to look after yourself first to be able to look after others.



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