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4 ways to keep your immune system healthy

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Almost everyone over does at Christmas and New Year. All that booze, cheese, crackers,  chocolates and celebrating can really suck you in and before you know it you’re eating everything in sight (well, I hope it’s not just me!!).   But why not overindulge? Everyone deserves a little down time and enjoyment at the end the year. But too much enjoyment often results in not really enjoying anything (when you need up ill).

As you know, I am constantly battling food to see what works and what doesn’t. But at this time of year I don’t fight it. I eat whatever I want, when I want and don’t feel guilty about it. But, I don’t throw away all my good sense!! There are still a few things I continue to do that I know keeps me healthy amid all the chocolate covered chaos.

These immune boosting habits are great all-year round, but especially when you know your body needs a kick up the keister.

1. Fresh lemon juice


Many health nuts swear by hot water and lemon first thing in the morning. Lemons are full of vitamin C, calcium and potassium plus they help combat infection!! They are very alkalising as well so they are great at restoring your body’s natural pH levels.

Try: A mug of boiled water with freshly squeezed lemon juice to start your day. You can also squeeze lemon juice over salads and fish for an extra boost with your meals. And it’s delicious!

2. Water


I know there is much debate about how much water we should be drinking during the day. Some experts say 8 glasses and others say we don’t need that much. Well, I’ve been aiming for 3 litres a day for the past 4 months and I know I feel better for it. What we all must agree on is that water flushes your system of toxins so the more the merrier, I say!!

Try: Drink a litre of filtered water before anything else is consumed each morning. This has a few benefits. You will feel fuller and you will be going to the toilet like mad!! (Yes, you may need to get up an hour earlier to fit this habit into your schedule).

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar for years now. Vinegar may not be a miracle cure-all but it is full of antioxidants and acts like an internal body wash. It’s even said to kill bacteria. Even Dr Oz has been talking about it (see here.)

Try: Add a splash (1 Tablespoon or so – I never measure it) to your drink bottle at least once a day. I also love this homemade medicine: in a clean jar add equal parts of apple cider vinegar and RAW, organic honey. Shake to fully combine. Take a spoonful every coupe hours as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on. This is also a great daily elixir for good health.

4. Ginger


I love ginger and always have the fresh stuff in my kitchen. Years ago when I saw an Ayurveda practitioner on a regular basis, she turned me on to making ginger tea. She told me to drink a cup of the freshly steeped tea 20 minutes before a meal to start the digestive fires. I know, I know. With the ginger tea, the lemon and water, and the water with ACV, that ‘s a lot of liquids throughout the day. And you’re right so it should be easy to consume 2-3 litres each day!!!
Fresh ginger is also great added to homemade juice.

Try: Peel and slice a knob of ginger (about the size of your thumb). Put in a medium size pot. Add  2 cups of water and bring to the boil. Simmer on low for 10 minutes then turn off and let steep for another 10 minutes. Drink a cup before meals. Top up your pot with more water and repeat the boiling process for the rest of the days supply. You can also drink it cold but it’s better warm.

These are all great ways to incorporate healthy liquids to your daily diet but of course, we need to eat too!! Check out Aloha’s recipes here for some inspiring ways to eat well all year round!! I can’t wait to try their Chocolate Berry Detox Smoothie!





Author: Jennifer Morton

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