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How I’m tackling my food obsessions

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Enjoy 2015

Since I went to Bali and did a mini juice detox, I have felt very much in control of my health and wellness.

It’s no secret (just read this blog!!) that I am a bit mad when it comes to food and control. It’s always been all or nothing. But lately, the pull to control everything that goes in my mouth has waned. And it started around Halloween.

I love Halloween and I couldn’t resist chocolate last October, so I didn’t force myself to. I ate what I wanted. I exercised quite a bit though, almost daily.

By November’s end I had to deal with some guilty feelings brought on by my overindulging but not near as strong as I had felt in the past. Then of course, Christmas was upon us and I was on a feeding frenzy (which I always do at that time of year).

But instead of worrying about gaining weight or how I looked, I focussed on the enjoyment I felt from food. I love to eat. I like the ritual of coffee. I like to bake homemade cakes and cookies. I also like to feel good and look great.

Somehow, this all come together in a positive way. I ate and drank what I want and I don’t wallow in guilt about it. If food makes me feel tired or bloated, I don’t eat it. It’s like I finally tuned in to how food affects my health and wellbeing. Instead of restricting something and feeling deprived, I allow myself to enjoy anything that I want in that moment.

Last week I went on a mini holiday with my boys. Before that week, I had considerably reduced my sugar intake (because I wanted to not because I felt  forced to). But on holiday, I ate ice cream and chocolate and pizza and none of it bothered me(physically or mentally). I love a good beer too!!

brewery 2

My motto for this year is to ENJOY life and everything in it. Of course, I know that eating cakes and pizza will not keep me feeling overly healthy for long so I know that I need to do that in moderation (something I used to think was bullshit). Food is a big part of all of our lives so why not make it healthy and delicious most of the time? Save the party foods for just that: parties and holidays.

One thing I finally realise is this: the more you restrict or ban a food group, the more you’ll want it. So that’s why I don’t do that. If I don’t eat sugar or wheat this week, it’s because I don’t want to. Everything in moderation is finally becoming a reality. Thank Goodness because I was getting a bit nutty!!! LOL!!

yallingup beach jenn

looking (and feeling) fit and healthy at Yallingup Beach, WA




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