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Another reason to read food labels

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Hear about the frozen berry scandal in Australia? Ten people have now contracted Hepatitis A from consuming a variety of frozen berries that were imported from Chile and China. Of course, the brands blamed are ones I buy frequently.

Health and food experts commenting on the situation say that hygiene and standards are different (lax) overseas, especially in China where human faeces in the waterways is common! Hep A is transferred through poop.  This is lovely to hear after years of eating frozen berries coming from that country!!

I’m pretty good at reading labels but I will admit that I never thought to be wary of where the berries were coming from. I usually (sometimes I forget) refuse to buy fish and seafood unless it’s from Australia or New Zealand.

So, along with checking labels for sugar levels, excess salt, additives and preservatives; it’s time to be vigilant about where the food is coming from. Time to stick to locally grown and packaged foods. I love my berries and don’t want to give them up!! It’s a shame when healthy foods make you sick though.

It’s said that Hep A can take up to 50 days to show it’s ugly face. So, if fever, nausea, chills, stomach pain and jaundice sets in, I’ll have a clue as to what’s happening!!  I’m on way to the supermarket now to see if I can get a refund for the berries in my freezer!!

Will you boycott foods from overseas now?


Author: Jennifer Morton

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