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Learn how to make natural cold remedies at home

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Winter has arrived Down Under and the cold & flu season is upon us. Although I have chronic sinus issues, I rarely take prescriptions or over-the-counter medications for relief (but stay tuned because I think I need surgery again). And I never take that stuff for a common cold, nor does Mr M or Master T. I do take paracetamol for extreme pain when needed (I am human after all). But I wish I didn’t and I’m always impressed when I speak to someone who NEVER takes medication, like Cyndi O’Meara.

Of course the key to not needing medications is to not get sick. And to not get sick, you need a kick-ass immune system. Which is all good in a perfect world. And we all know we don’t live in a perfect world. So, what do you do if you get sick and don’t want to take over-the-counter cold and flu meds?

Make your own.

I’ve been making these simple, natural cold remedies for years now. My family loves them all and we take them several times a day when feeling a cold coming on or just as everyday health boosters.

There’s no special name for the first one, we call it exactly what it is:

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour runny, RAW honey into a clean jar.

Add the same amount of organic apple cider vinegar (it will sit on top of the honey so just use your eye as a measure).

Seal lid tightly.

Shake it up until combined.

Take 1 tablespoon several times a day (it’s delicious).

Ginger Tea

Peel a knob of fresh ginger, about the size of your thumb.

Slice into thick pieces and crush slightly with the flat side of a butcher’s knife.

Add to 2-3 cups of filtered water in a pot with a lid.

Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

Turn heat off and let tea sit for another 10 minutes.

Drink hot. Add RAW honey if desired.

Not only is this great for colds and flus, it will also aid digestion.


Old-Fashioned Lemon & Honey (everyone’s favourite)

Forget buying over the counter Neo Citrons that are packed with powdered factory-made lemons!! Everyone knows how to make this from scratch!!

Juice 1/2  a  lemon (use REAL lemons only – not bought lemon juice). Add to a mug.

Top up mug with boiling water.

Add RAW honey to your liking. Drink hot.

TIP: Use your homemade ginger tea instead of the water and you’ll have a yummy, warming Ginger, Lemon & Honey drink!!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones this winter. Stay warm, eat well and be happy.


Author: Jennifer Morton

Perth Travel Writer | Photographer | Canadian | Nomad | Home Cook | Glutton | Serial Planner

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