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How I beat a throat infection without penicillin

Remedies for the sickness.


In a recent post, I spoke   whinged about how I contracted a virus of some kind on my quick trip to Sydney. On day 4 of such virus and back home in Western Australia, I went to the doctor suffering from severe body aches and a sore throat that was preventing me from eating (sacrilege).

By the time I actually saw the doctor, I was beginning to feel better (thankfully the body aches were gone) so I made the decision to take the prescription for penicillin but I had no intention of filling it.

I did go to the local chemist for a chat about immunity boosters. I bought some defence vitamins and Betadine sore throat gargle. I was advised to gargle 3 times daily and to increase the dosage of the supplements. I agreed that if I was not better at the end of 2 days, I would fill the prescription. It was the chemist’s opinion that a throat infection could not be cured without anti-biotics or penicillin but the fact I was seeing improvement meant my body was fighting the infection.

Now, 48 hours later, I am well enough to know for sure that I will not be filling the script. Here’s how I did it.

  • Even though my throat was still sore, I resumed healthy eating (fresh fruit, yoghurt, protein, veggies and then some carbs*)
  • I used the Betadine gargle x 3 daily
  • I took 2 supplements (garlic, vit C, horseradish, zinc and high levels of echinacea) 3 times daily, which is well above the recommended dose
  • I drank hot lemon, honey and fresh ginger drinks before bed
  • I resumed my 6am fitness regime (including 45 minutes of dance cardio!)
  • I resumed my daily meditation
  • I used positive affirmations
  • I resumed work
  • I drank water
  • I harden up and got on with my life

Please note that I had taken 2100mg of Vitamin C before I saw the doctor. I use vitamin C quite regularly and not just to fight infection. Want to know more…look at this post.

Now, I’m not suggesting that everyone choose this path. But I do suggest that you listen to your body and I highly advocate using natural remedies before taking anti-biotics, which in my opinion are over prescribed. I believe in preventative medicine. This means taking care of yourself on a daily basis not just when you’re struck down with an illness. I do take care of myself and I get pretty pissed off when I pick up a virus from an airplane, train or hostel. I also think I’m invincible. This latest virus has proven me wrong. I beat it because I do take care of my mind, body and spirit daily. But, I am human and therefore, not perfect…..

*NOTE: Someone told me that I may have gotten sick because of my vast reduction of complex carbs over the month of January!! Oh really???? I may do a post later about this. Please feel free to comment.

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