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6 reasons why I shouldn’t drink alcohol

The best beer in the world is from Halifax, Canada. Thank you Alexander Keith. (I still drink Australian beer..it too is fine)


Yesterday, my status said that my next blog post would be the 6 reasons I should not drink. Of course, one would only write such a thing with a hangover.

If you’ve been seriously following this blog, you’d know that I sustained from alcohol for the month of August. I do that regularly and have gone 4 months + without a DROP. But it’s hard to do and September was not going to be a month to continue the dry spell.

Even so, I rarely get tipsy and drunk is not a word I associate with my drinking habits at all. And let me clarify my version of drunk.

To be drunk, to me means falling down, being loud, silly, getting naked in public, blacking out…..that  kind of mess. The last time that happened, it was Christmas 2004. If you can prove me wrong, I challenge you.

But yes, the other night I was at a friend’s house for what was meant to be a very brief encounter. She offered me a beer and I said yes. Then another; it was delicious. Then, the wine came out.

The next thing I know it’s 11pm. I went home and straight to bed but woke a few hours later with a start.  The effects of the alcohol were well and truly felt and a rush of regret passed through my mind, body and emotions.

I love a cold beer on a sunny day!

On that note, here are my 6 reasons I should not drink:

6.    The cocktail flu. Waking with a hangover was bad when I was young, and as I get older, the hangovers are often worse. This latest one was not massive as I did not get shit-faced wasted. But still..

5.    Loss of priorities. How many times has one drink before dinner led to an entire evening being side-tracked? Just one for me lately, but.

4.   Loss of control. I often intend to have one drink, just one end-of-day cold one. It almost always turns out to be 3.

3.    Sinus issues. This could be my #1 reason but for now, it is not. It is always the reason I restrict booze for days, weeks and months at a time. Nasal polyps + alcohol = misery.

2.    Bloat. Yup, I really dislike a bloated tummy but the more I drink, the bigger my gut gets.

1.    Verbal diarrhoea.  If you have issues with another person, do not consume alcohol and then try to get them off your chest. I hate the feeling of, “Oh no, why did I say that?” Wise not to disclose issues about your hubby to a new friend or to the partner of his co-worker either. Geeeeezz.

I have these reasons but for now, they will not stop me from enjoying a cold beer or sharing a crisp glass of white wine with a friend. I’m still trying out a new concept: moderation.


My partner in wine when in Canada, Gillian.


I’d love to hear some morning after tales of embarrassment and regret. I know you have some…..