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Foods I cannot live without


photo courtesy of Kraft Canada

Since I’ve upped my ¬†commitment to fitness, I have found that I can eat almost anything and not feel horrible: physically or mentally.

And believe me, I love that.

Because I love food.

All those times I had to “restrict” food items was like torture.

Now, I do not restrict certain foods because my body rejects them but because I just don’t want to put that crap in my body.

Crap food to me is:

  • sausages and sausage rolls
  • meat pies
  • hot dogs
  • commercially made cakes & muffins
  • colourful breakfast cereal
  • fast food

You get the idea.

Even though my diet is quite varied at the moment, I do generally eat quite healthy.

But there are some non-health foods that I simply love and refuse to give up forever. I may not eat these everyday or even every month, but if it’s around I cannot resist.

  • peanut butter on white bread
  • chocolate (ok – so I do eat this one most days)
  • ice cream
  • donuts
  • cakes, cookies, dessert pies – now the saving grace here is that 98% of the time, I make these from scratch
  • cheese
  • pizza
  • lollies

I love baking so my biggest downfall is the homemade treats I make. At least I control what goes in there and I almost always reduce the sugar. If my sense of taste and smell wasn’t ruined by nasal polyps, I’d be a baker by trade.

banana cake

banana cake with cream cheese icing

I think much of my food issues are mental. A control thing.

Food’s not killing me so why do I treat it with such contempt sometimes?

Acceptance is key but I do realise I cannot have it all. If I want to eat whatever I like, I must do the work to keep the excess kilos off my body. It’s that simple really.

What not-so-healthy food  can you not live without?