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I must confess…I have a crush

I have been working hard at finishing my first novel. I am on track for my personal deadline of August 8th and really excited because my main character has had a turn of events. And it involves a very cute man.

I have a bit of a crush on this fictional character myself so I’m looking forward to writing today’s scene after I get this post out. This post about crushes.

Do you remember your first crush?

I remember mine.

It was grade two (I believe) and his name was Bjarne Saxhoug. I think his family were Norwegian or Swedish…definitely Scandinavian. Of course, I denied the crush but my sisters used to tease me about it.

Many years later, when I was 12, my first celebrity crush developed. I was smitten for several years and I still have the hots for this guy. Even though he is past 55 years old, he still looks damn fine!!! I thought it was pretty cool when I learned that my (now) husband and Billy Idol share a birthday. All my teenager dreams of marrying my idol, sort of came true.


Photo©Richard Aaron
#1 Crush Billy Idol

billy today

Billy Idol – still looking good.

Over the years, I have had many celebrity crushes. Though Billy will always hold the #1 position, here are my other significant crushes.


I was a fan of Edward Norton for many years in the 90s.

'Titanic in 3D' premieres in UK

Yes, I have a major crush on Kate Winslet. She’s classic, curvy and candy to the eye.


Bradley Cooper. Say no more.

ryan gosling

Today, Ryan Gosling is my #2 crush. I mean, who doesn’t have a crush on this guy?

hey-girl-ryan-gosling blog post

Thanks babe.

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What’s Working for me Wednesday

MUSIC!! That’s what’s working for me this Wednesday. I’ve always been a big fan of music and it works for me lots but yesterday and today I tried something. I played music while I wrote.

This may not sound very new or unusual to most but never before had I used music to help with my writing. I have tried before but it never really took. I always needed quiet when I wrote.

Now, that’s all changed and I think I have Mr M to thank.

He’s been home on days off for the past two days and editing some videos. This process means that he plays the same video and music clip over and over again. I was forced to hear a sample of deadmau5’s Ghosts n Stuff so many times that I had to have the song on my own computer. I now cannot get enough of this catchy dance tune. It really took me back to a time in my life where techno dancey songs ruled the weekend and considering I am writing about that phase of my life, the song came in handy.

Because I was able to write AND groove away I started listening to other favorites too!!

House of Shem

Bob Marley

Empire of the Sun


Ben Harper

Kelly Clarkson (yes, I like her!!)


Matthew Good

The Bee Gees

and even some old 80’s songs.

I grew up in the eighties and I still love the music. You can often find an 80’s mix playing from my iTunes. I was a massive Billy Idol fan!! I even had spiked hair and wore cut off leather (fake,but) gloves. I would dream that I met him and then of course, he married me. Billy’s still rocking today and he still looks great!! What kind of sign is it that I married a man who shares his birthday?


Hot stuff…..

Who was your favorite musician/band growing up?