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What’s Working for me Wednesday – 25 more travel wishes

WWW25 more travel wishes!!! It’s what’s working for me this Wednesday. I spend far too much time dreaming of travel. My brother-in-law and his new wife are on a 12-month long honeymoon at the moment and I just heard from them the other day. They’re in Thailand after spending a month in India!  Am I jealous? Nah, not at all…..ha!  Seriously but.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m cut out for that kind of travel. I did do it once but I met my now husband just 5 weeks into my trip so I never felt like I was away for a year, then going home. Somehow I knew that I would not be going home to Canada. I travelled during the 12 months and settled in Sydney for 6 months of it. That suited me great. I love to see new places and do new things but I also like the going home part. I feel too unsure and disconnected when I’m living out of a suitcase. Plus, I always wonder how people can afford to travel for long periods of time. I was on working holiday visas when I did it (12 years ago!!) but once you’re over a certain age, that’s no longer a possibility.

 Do you prefer long trips (more than 1 month) or short holidays?

japanese style

Master T and I in Japan on my 40th birthday!! It was a dream trip come true for me.

Here’s the next 25 on my list of 100 travel wishes and dreams……

  1. New Year’s Eve in Sydney for fireworks!

  2. Be colourful at the Holi festival in India

  3. Visit Siena, Italy during the Palio

  4. Eat pizza in Naples, Italy (I’ve done this before and OMG…the best pizza evah)

  5. Learn Italian in Italy

  6. Go to Milan during Fashion Week (I know nothing of fashion but it’s so Carrie Bradshaw that I must do it someday)

  7. Keeping with the Carrie theme……drink a Cosmopolitan & a Manhattan in…you guessed it, Manhattan

  8. Learn to dance like they did in the 1700s in Venice so I can……

  9. Attend a fab party during Carnival

  10. Explore the mysteries of Luxor, Egypt

  11. Spend a weekend in San Francisco

  12. See the Yukon, Canada

  13. Watch bull-riding at the Calgary Stampede

  14. Photograph the Grand Canyon, USA

  15. Tour the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica

  16. Climb the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

  17. Swim at Shark Bay, WA

  18. Swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia,WA

  19. Take Master T trick or treating (a proper Halloween) in North America

  20. Eat felafel and hummus in Jordan

  21. Learn to belly dance in Egypt

  22. Drive a snowmobile in Canada (no, I’ve never done this…shocking, I know)

  23. Gorge on tacos, quesadillas and tequila in Mexico

  24. Rent a whitewashed, seaside house in Greece

  25. Never be hungry in Hungary


Here I am in Ottawa, Canada on the nation’s birthday..another travel dream come true!




What’s Working for me Wednesday

WWWYesterday, I received the latest edition of Get Lost! , an Australian travel magazine in the post. I have a subscription, you see. I also have a major crush on this magazine and it’s at the top of my publication wish list. In October, I got a very positive reply about a pitch I submitted. I danced around my office. I laughed. I cried. I posted the good news on Facebook (without disclosing the magazine name). I was hopeful. Then, I never heard back from the editor, even after several attempts to contact him. I was crushed. But, I’ve moved on and my love affair with the magazine resumes. As does my love for travel…..and more specifically, planning for travel..dreaming about it even.

So today, on this windy Wednesday, I will start my official top 100 travel wishes. I have many travel article ideas and must write some today but I feel the need to jot down my dreams and desires to see other grounds, meet new faces, eat foreign foods and experience life outside of my norm. I’ve been luckily enough to see much of the world (you can read about the reasons in the summer edition of BIDE digital magazine) but I cannot stop there. I have a compulsion to explore the possibilities of another life if only for a week or 2 at a time.

100 travel wishes seem like a lot and it may take me awhile to finish the list but here are a few that will make it on there (in no particular order):

  1. Walk the Great Wall of China
  2. Buy a pair of Manola Blahniks in New York City (oh so Carrie Bradshaw)
  3. See a Broadway play in NYC
  4. Spend a weekend in a log cabin in the wilds of Canada
  5. Have a snowy winter wonderland Christmas
  6. Learn to cook a Vietnamese meal in Hanoi
  7. Work on my tan in the Cook Islands
  8. Do the hula in Hawaii
  9. Scream on a rollercoaster at an American amusement park with my boys
  10. Attend a writing course at Australian Writers’ Centre in Sydney
  11. Take Jo Tracey out for dinner in Sydney
  12. Meet my friend Gillian in Bali for a girls week away
  13. Spend a snowboarding holiday in Banff, Canada with my boys
  14. Cruise to Alaska from Vancouver
  15. Drink apple tea in Turkey
  16. Have a smoke and a pancake in Amsterdam
  17. Visit the Angkor temples
  18. Shop at the Angkor night market in Siem Reap
  19. Meet Leigh Redhead in Hanoi
  20. Dine on street food in Hanoi
  21. Drink a Guinness beer in Ireland
  22. Tour a winery in Margaret River
  23. Stay at an ashram in India
  24. Float on a junk in Hong Kong
  25. Practise yoga at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India

It’s Wednesday. I’m dreaming of traipsing around the world and it’s what is working for me on this day.

What’s working for you today?