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What’s Working for me Wednesday

WWWI cannot believe I’m up to the last 25 of my top 100 travel dreams and wishes. Minutes, hours, days and weeks are flying by so fast I feel I cannot keep up sometimes. And sometimes, I am not keeping up at all. I’m flailing through life at the moment.

It has been brought to my attention that many of my wishes so far are well and truly travel cliches. Fair enough. I agree. They are. But I want to experience those cliches. Am I now considered boring and unoriginal? To some, I guess so. But screw them. This is MY list and MY blog. Maybe a disclaimer is the right this to do.

WARNING: The following list may contain cliched travel dreams and may offend some readers. If you are so opposed to cliches, I suggest you piss off right now. 

Mision Beach walk_JMorton

I took this photo….I love it even though it’s been done on a thousand postcards around the world.


  1. Go back to Oman

  2. Arrive to Tofino, British Columbia (Canada) by seaplane

  3. Rent Tigh-na Clayoquot Vacation House in Tofino BC for a week with friends (Gillian, this has your name all over it!!)

  4. Go to the Australian Open (Tennis) in Melbourne

  5. See a quokka on Rottnest Island, WA

  6. Spend the night in an igloo

  7. See gorillas in the wild in Rwanda

  8. Ride an elephant in Thailand

  9. Snowboard in Japan

  10. Be amazed at Cirque de Soleil (anywhere will do)

  11. Take a learn to surf course in Hawaii (just for fun…I don’t want to surf)

  12.  TBA


So, I haven’t finished the list….I’m not prolonging this travel segment, I just want to finish the list with real wishes..not just more cliches….lol!!! See you here next Wednesday!!