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All the pretty food

It’s day 21 of my health kick. With each day comes new strength and determination to be the healthiest and fittest I can be NOW. I’ve even been getting up to do early morning work-outs. I’ve been eating less junk (WAY less) and more salads, berries, proteins and drinking more smoothies. I’m lovin’ it and don’t miss the unless carbs and calories I was consuming on a regular basis. But I continue to dream.

There was this time not too long ago when I had to face the beautiful food and say no and it was tough.

I was in Perth and Mr M spotted a donut shop and just had to try one. That didn’t tempt me. I planned to sit in the car and wait patiently. Within seconds, he returned and asked me to get coffee at the little cupcake shop because he could see they had a kick-ass espresso machine. It didn’t take much for me to jump out of the car and into that cute, retro-style sugar haven.


The gorgeously retro espresso machine that made average coffee. (coffee snobbery runs high in my household)

When I entered the glass door at Kustom Cupcakes, it was as if I had walked into 1955. Everything was pale pink and blue, clean and fun looking. The cabinet was filled with perfectly coiffed cupcakes of different colours, flavours and textures. Who can resist a good cupcake?


Colourful Cupcakes

Me, that’s who. I looked, oh yes did I look but I did not touch. I ordered 2 coffees to go and stocked up on all their written material so I could plan my order for the next time we passed by. So far, my wish-list includes:

  • Peanut Buttercup
  • Cherry Pie
  • PB & J
  • Salted Caramel
  • Choc Mint
  • Jam Donut

I best stop there. Of course, I will not eat all those,  it’s just a dream. Prices: 6 for $20, 12 for $35 or 24 for $65. How much money should I take?

The coffee was ok but what was most impressive was the Oreo cookie that was served on the lid of each cup. I like that idea!!! They also had jars of lollies to help yourself to – of course, I did not.

What I did indulge in on that trip was a banana spilt. I can hear you say, “But I thought you weren’t having dairy?”

That is correct, I am not having dairy at the moment. This banana split was made with coconut ice cream! I didn’t even order it, Mr M surprised me with it so I couldn’t say no – that would’ve been rude.

banana split

Banana Split made with coconut ice cream from Gelare in Joondalup’s Lakeside Shopping Centre.

I resisted the cupcakes but the frosty dessert got me. I didn’t feel guilty. I’m enjoying working hard towards my health goals and being able to indulge every once and awhile.

What’s your favourite pretty food?