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Recipe of the week: Buckwheat pancakes with blueberry sauce

Growing up in Canada meant pancakes every Sunday morning. It’s a tradition I’ve brought to Australia. Although I’m not living gluten-free anymore, I still like to try alternatives. Plus, I have 2 sisters who are Coeliac so I like to try out recipes to pass on.

I can’t imagine going without pancakes for the rest of my life and luckily I don’t have to – and neither do my sisters or anyone who has a health reason for not eating gluten. I’ve tried gluten-free pancakes in the past but the recipe I’m about to share is by far the best one ever!! I’ve adapted it from a recipe I saw in the February 2015 edition of Women’s Fitness magazine. Enjoy!!

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Recipe of the week: Spicy Beef Wraps – Wheat, sugar and dairy free



This was last night’s dinner and it was delicious!! So easy to make. You could add many more vegetables and dips so go on, get creative!!
Spicy Beef Wraps

Recipe of the week: Banana Bread Free-style

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I collect recipes. I have for years. This one came to me via Facebook. I do not have the recipient’s name or link but this “free-style” banana bread is too good to not share. Photo and design by me.


bb 2



For PDF click Banana Bread Recipe

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When the end is just the beginning

Today is the last day of my 6-week elimination diet. I did it!! (again)

Instead of celebrating with a chocolate cake with extra whipped cream, I’m doing nothing.

Sure, tomorrow I will relax my strictness, mostly about sugar (choosing natural only) but I am not running back to my old habits.

I have new habits now and I love the way that I feel.

I have NO physical reactions to foods I consume and any body image issues I had, are gone.

My muffin top tummy is gone and I don’t feel I need to exercise like a demon daily to keep myself looking good.

I am getting together with friends on Friday night and wine will be involved.

But as far as food is concerned, I’m quite happy to stick to my fruit, veggies, proteins and grains.

There are plenty of food choices out there that were not formed in a test tube or come from a factory. Just think outside the box. Pun intended!!!!

Breakfast was hard but I’ve found a couple hot winter breakies that I LOVE.

hot breakfast

Sauteed veggies with almonds and poached freerange eggs


Quinoa flakes with banana, fresh date and chopped nuts

I do realise that quinoa flakes are processed but going 100% fresh produce only is near impossible in the Western world. I also drink almond & rice milk from a box..tsk tsk tsk.

I’m still addicted to organic peanut butter but have cut down on my consumption. But just typing that out has made my mouth water.

Off to get a celery stick with PB now.

Here’s to great food and good health!


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The Best Dairy-free Chocolate Pudding

I’ve been on my 6-week elimination diet for over 4 weeks now and although it gets easier, I still feel a bit down when I see my boys eating chocolate.

So much so that last week I started to have hot cocao drinks made with raw organic cocao powder and almond milk. Sometimes, I add 1 tsp of raw honey (which is against the rules but as they say, rules are made to be broken).

Those drinks have been a blessing and very satisfying but when I came across a dairy-free chocolate pudding recipe in my collection, I had to try it. And it is delicious, despite the odd ingredients.

For all you people cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar but still want a treat, try it. It’s now my favourite dessert.

chocolate pudding



All the pretty food

It’s day 21 of my health kick. With each day comes new strength and determination to be the healthiest and fittest I can be NOW. I’ve even been getting up to do early morning work-outs. I’ve been eating less junk (WAY less) and more salads, berries, proteins and drinking more smoothies. I’m lovin’ it and don’t miss the unless carbs and calories I was consuming on a regular basis. But I continue to dream.

There was this time not too long ago when I had to face the beautiful food and say no and it was tough.

I was in Perth and Mr M spotted a donut shop and just had to try one. That didn’t tempt me. I planned to sit in the car and wait patiently. Within seconds, he returned and asked me to get coffee at the little cupcake shop because he could see they had a kick-ass espresso machine. It didn’t take much for me to jump out of the car and into that cute, retro-style sugar haven.


The gorgeously retro espresso machine that made average coffee. (coffee snobbery runs high in my household)

When I entered the glass door at Kustom Cupcakes, it was as if I had walked into 1955. Everything was pale pink and blue, clean and fun looking. The cabinet was filled with perfectly coiffed cupcakes of different colours, flavours and textures. Who can resist a good cupcake?


Colourful Cupcakes

Me, that’s who. I looked, oh yes did I look but I did not touch. I ordered 2 coffees to go and stocked up on all their written material so I could plan my order for the next time we passed by. So far, my wish-list includes:

  • Peanut Buttercup
  • Cherry Pie
  • PB & J
  • Salted Caramel
  • Choc Mint
  • Jam Donut

I best stop there. Of course, I will not eat all those,  it’s just a dream. Prices: 6 for $20, 12 for $35 or 24 for $65. How much money should I take?

The coffee was ok but what was most impressive was the Oreo cookie that was served on the lid of each cup. I like that idea!!! They also had jars of lollies to help yourself to – of course, I did not.

What I did indulge in on that trip was a banana spilt. I can hear you say, “But I thought you weren’t having dairy?”

That is correct, I am not having dairy at the moment. This banana split was made with coconut ice cream! I didn’t even order it, Mr M surprised me with it so I couldn’t say no – that would’ve been rude.

banana split

Banana Split made with coconut ice cream from Gelare in Joondalup’s Lakeside Shopping Centre.

I resisted the cupcakes but the frosty dessert got me. I didn’t feel guilty. I’m enjoying working hard towards my health goals and being able to indulge every once and awhile.

What’s your favourite pretty food?



Easy lunch idea: Spicy lentil soup

I love soup.

It’s heating up in Australia so my soup season is coming to an end but this is so delicious, I may keep it as a year-round favourite. It’s super easy and it contains many pantry staples so no special shopping is required.

I’ve adapted this recipe from the original that was published in  The Australian Women’s Weekly 21-day diet planner. They call it spiced red lentil soup. I’ve never had their version but my version is simply delicious. Enjoy!

blog oct 4 spicy lentil soup

Spicy Lentil Soup

Spicy Lentil Soup

Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegetarian*

1 large onion, diced

fresh red chilli, sliced (amount depends on how spicy you like it)

1 heaping tablespoon of mild curry paste (I use korma)

2 cups of chicken stock (*use veggie stock for vegetarian)

2 cups of water

400g canned tomatoes (or chopped fresh romas if you have them)

100g (1/2 cup) red lentils

Large handful of washed baby spinach leaves

1/4 cup of fresh coriander (I use 1/2 tsp of ground if I don’t have fresh)


Saute onions and chilli over medium heat until soft (in a little oil of your choice if preferred). Add curry paste and ground coriander (if using). Stir for 1 minute, until fragrant.

Add stock, water, undrained tomatoes and washed lentils. Bring to boil.

Reduce heat and simmer for 20-25 minutes. Stir in spinach.

Season with salt and pepper. Top with fresh coriander. Serve hot.

This soup makes great leftovers so keep for tomorrow’s lunch too!


Stay tuned for my next post about my favourite new health foods! Being healthy has never been so delicious!!