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How I’m tackling my food obsessions

Enjoy 2015

Since I went to Bali and did a mini juice detox, I have felt very much in control of my health and wellness.

It’s no secret (just read this blog!!) that I am a bit mad when it comes to food and control. It’s always been all or nothing. But lately, the pull to control everything that goes in my mouth has waned. And it started around Halloween.

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Prediction: 2015 will be my best year yet

It was around this time last year that I read Kelly Exeter‘s ebook, Your Best Year Yet.¬†

I loved it and felt myself nodding in agreement on many pages; having a-ha moments.

But I didn’t put it into practice.

Then later in the year, after a mini-melt down, I read it again but still didn’t figure out that I needed to change my attitude and way of thinking before I could create MY best year yet.

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Why I chose ENJOY for this year’s theme word

Happy New Year!!

I know, I know, I’m quite late to the party. Cannot believe it’s Jan 10 already.

I’ll get to posting about some of my holiday food adventures soon but this post is about my WORD for 2015. Again, I’m late to the party with posting this annual tradition but it’s my first time (I think..lol?).

It was easy for me to choose a theme word for the new year. Remember my Detox Day 3 post? If not, read it here.

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