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Things I miss about Facebook

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It’s been 15 days since I spent any time on Facebook. Now, I know some of you have recently seen a few posts but that does not mean I was ON Facebook. Yes, I use it to sign in to Good Reads and if I recommend an article, I have to sign in so I realise it appears as if I was ON, but really I wasn’t. I haven’t been. Ok, maybe for a split second when I had to then open the page to log off but that’s all I have done. I really doubt I have missed anything major.

It has been quite easy but there are a few things I miss: my closed writing and photography groups.

This has been especially hard in the past 2 days when I have had a surge of inspiration and energy to return to writing. Don’t ask me about the photography – that’s another issue that needs attention. One thing at a time. But my fellow writers how I miss thee.

When you are investigating topics, analysing publications and searching for contacts, it is so nice and oh so helpful  to have the wealth of experience from other writers available. But I said I won’t be on FB for the month of June so I have to find other ways to source my information. I mean, there were writers before FB!! Sometimes it’s just nice to have a bitch session or chat with like-minded people who are going through similar experiences.

As a work from home mother and wife, I don’t see many people. I have little contact with the outside world and having the flu for the past 3 days has not helped that. So, Facebook often helps me overcome feeling of isolation or that I am a social leper. All that is good (the help it offers, not being a social leper), I just have a hard time finding balance in my life.

Balance is so over-rated anyway.

What are your feelings about Facebook? Is it a help or hinderance?