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Dreaming of Dubai


Next stop: Dubai

I love to travel. Always have, always will.

I have wanted to go to Dubai for a few years now. I have yet to get the stamp in my passport.

a dubai

How cool is this?

This week, Masterchef took the contestants to Dubai which re-fueled my desire. I was giddy and goofy for two nights watching the TV food contest. My two loves in one show: food and travel.

George and Matt in DUBAI!!!

I do believe a trip to Dubai is in my nearish future. You see, I have friends moving there in a few weeks!! YES, it’s true and you know who you are! Did I ever tell you how good looking you both are?

Of course, when you have friends in a foreign country, it is certainly the best time to visit. I hope you guys will have a spare room in your castle (I imagine everyone in Dubai lives in a castle, even skydiving staff!!). Please do not crush my dreams.

Not only is Dubai rich, hot and stunning to look at, it offers my favourite food. I’m making falafel and hummus for dinner tonight to ease my future thinking fuelled anxiety.

So, as I sit here rugged up in my Kathmandu hoodie with the wind howling outside, I dream of Dubai. I dream of gold and riches. Camels and sand. Giant aquariums and water-slides. Souks and spices. Amusement parks and wind tunnels. Hummus and kebabs. And that fancy ass hotel, you know, the big one!!


Call me here.

Where are you dreaming of visiting?


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What’s going in my mouth.

Here I am at 8pm on Sunday night and frantic about getting this post published. And it’s mostly going to be photos so it’s an easy one, yet I’m rushing. I go to bed at 9pm you know!!

I’m happy with my eating this week. When I toasted cinnamon raison bread this morning for Master T, I wanted it so badly but I did not succumb to the scented bread. I don’t understand why I always struggle 3 weeks in without bread. It was the same with cigarettes but worse at the 2 month mark. Anyway, enough about bread and cigarettes……I’m so done with those poisons. I will admit to having the odd carb, just a bite here and there…not bread but say a cracker or a couple cheezels. It’s no big deal if you don’t make it that way.

I’m off to Sydney in 5 days and will loosen up a bit while on my working/educational holiday. You’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see how over the top I go…lol!!!


Not the best pic but this is lentil salad with eggplant and sheep’s feta! It was delish.


One of my all time fav dishes: falafel, hummus and fresh salad!!


Eat your veggies…broccoli is always a winner with me!


My breakfast now consists of a rice milk and berry smoothie. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of greek yoghurt.


I have an evening tea ritual. Sometimes it’s Lemongrass and ginger or rooibos or my calming blend.

Now, it’s teatime….sweet dreams.