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What’s Working for me Wednesday


My aim is to eat more of this….

Ahhhh, Wednesday again. Until a half hour ago, I thought I would have nothing to write about today…nothing that is working for me.

That changed when I received a newsletter from Food Matters with a link to some videos about the foods we eat, what they are doing to our bodies and minds and how to change old habits. I surely needed to see them.

Although it’s been less than 2 months – more like 6 weeks of my return to my addiction to wheat and sugar, it feels like a lifetime. If I’m not actually eating, I’m thinking about my next meal or plotting my next snack. I’ve also been too heavy and lazy to get up in the mornings to exercise…not everyday but it did happen (or not happen!!) yesterday and today.

Last night, I returned to reading Wheat Belly. I need all the information and inspiration I can get my hands on if I am going to go cold turkey on April 1st. Although I didn’t put sugar on my list, I think it needs to be restricted too.

I wish it didn’t have to be like this. I wish food wasn’t being engineered to be harmful to the human race but it is. And I really wish I was more in tune with all of this before I started to give all this crap to my 7-year-old son who is now also addicted. But I am slowly weaning him off of bread products, processed meat, food colourings and excess sugar.


and less of this…..

Education about the food and health industry is working for me today.

What’s working for you?