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What’s going in my mouth!

Last week, I skipped my post but let me assure you, I have been eating! I was in Sydney last week and Fremantle the week before, so you will notice some not-so-healthy but delicious items in the photo log.

I have also reintroduced some complex carbs like, brown rice and rye crackers on occasion. And I am sure I’m consuming too many simple carbs. So many things to figure out……who’s to know what’s the best path to health.

Anyway, it’s been a yummy fortnight!

feb 11 cider

A trip to Fremantle is not complete without a stop at the Little Creatures Brewery. I chose the cider over beer…a decision that may have turned me off beer!! It was so delish!

Feb 11 date rolls

I love these fresh date rolls…great snack.

Feb 11 frozen yoghurt

SYDNEY – Frozen yogurt from Yogurberry on George Street

Feb 11_BF cake

SYDNEY – A pure indulgence – it was yum and I’m so glad I didn’t want more.

Feb 11 great coffee

SYDNEY – decaf, soy flatwhite…this one was the best and at the airport even!!

Feb 11 Thai food

SYDNEY – Thai food (forget name of dish). It was yummy and not at all spicy. This was my re-intro back to complex carbs – I was so full!

Feb 11 wine

Wine and OJ…refreshing

Feb 11 brown salad

Brown and wild rice salad with greens beans, corn and kale

Feb 11 cake

Homemade lemon polenta cake with berry sorbet…a gluten-free treat

Looking at these photos, it looks like I’ve been on a binge!!! I did eat healthy food too…..sometimes ya just gotta give in to temptation!!


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Using music to evoke memories and a better mood

Yesterday I spent the day in Fremantal. And today I bought 2 AC/DC albums from iTunes. Yup, there’s some head-banging going on here!!

Bon Scott, well-known lead singer of the legendary rock band was a Fremantle boy and they’ve honoured him with a statue on the waterfront. Even though he was born in Scotland, Australia has adopted him as one of their own.

RIP you legend.


Master T and I up close and personal with Bon.

Fremantle is a great place to visit. It has seaside charm, cold beer, fish n’chips and roots in rock n’ roll.

I’ve always had a soft spot for AC/DC. When I was 15, this was the kind of music that was played while cruising the streets looking for trouble or downing beer at the town party house. My mum bought me WHO MADE WHO for some occasion that I cannot recall. I was stoked and she moved up a few notches in my books for that. I’m listening to Sink the Pink right now and I can picture my 15-year-old self – shy, awkward, green and needy. But even when I felt like an outsider in the “cool” group, we always had the music in common.

Fast forward to early 1991 when I was 19 (and legally able to drink beer) and living away from my home province for the first time. I worked as a cleaner at a resort in Banff. Staff lived on-site and when we weren’t working, chances are we were partying. Here, I’m on the dance floor, off-my-face drunk rocking out to Thunderstruck. Gosh, I had some fun times there.

I love using music to vault me to a good mood. If you noticed, I was in a shitty mood when I did yesterday’s post….lol!! Thanks to AC/DC, I’m now over it!

For those about to rock….we salute YOU….yes we do….

What a cracking tune! I also love TNT, Shake your foundations, Hells Bells,Jailbreak, It’s a long way to the top…..too many to name.

What’s your favourite AC/DC song?¬†