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WWW – What’s Working for me Wednesday

Well, here we are, Wednesday again. It’s funny how fast it rolls around. Truthfully? I’m struggling to find what’s actually working for me because things have been pretty grim lately.

Remember my last post, The death of 10,000 words? I can now re-name that to The death of 100,000 words and 1000 photos.

Yes, it’s true. My iMac’s ill hard drive was unable to be restored. But as much as I feel like digging a hole in the backyard and crawling inside it never to be seen again, I will not do that.

What IS working for me on this day is optimism. Although I have a tonne of work to re-do and several hundred photo memories that are lost forever, I can see the light at the end of this shit pipe.

To my knowledge, these are the things I have to dig deep in my memory and somehow find the time, energy and/or words to recover:

  1. spreadsheet of pitches
  2. spreadsheet of accounting
  3. spreadsheet of publishing contacts
  4. an 1800 word article that MAY be commissioned from a glossy travel magazine (still waiting to hear)
  5. interview and photos for a commissioned story that is due by Nov 27th
  6. article tracking sheet (for my newspaper pieces)
  7. several pitches
  8. hours worth of research for upcoming articles
  9. re-install Windows on my Mac (it has a new 500gb hard drive)

I’m sure there is heaps more that I can’t even remember. I won’t even mention all the stuff that is forever gone.

And because I used Outlook, all my emails are gone too. All correspondence with editors and copies of any pitches that I have out at the moment.

But even though this has happened, I am sure it will all work out. Yes, I have a heap of work to do by the time I go on holidays in 27 days. Please learn from my mistakes.

I sure hope next Wednesday is a better one……