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What’s Working for me Wednesday (more dreams of travel)

WWWLast week I wrote about my top 100 travel wishes and wrote the first 25. This Wednesday, I will add another 25 to the list and 25 each week until I reach 100! You see, dreaming of travel is a favourite pastime of mine and each week I either do it as a flight of fancy or because I actually do have a trip coming up. Two days ago, Mr M and I were talking about his annual trip to Kuala Lumpur and I found out that this year, it will coincide with Master T’s October school holidays!! Yippy, that means we will meet him over there for a week or so of fun in Malaysia. Before that though, we have a month-long trip to Southeast Asia in June and I’m rapt to report a few days in Singapore is now on the itinerary. I just needed to have a look at the iFly website to convince Mr M for another stay in the cultural city. We have been there before but we never got to Sentosa. So, once again I’m happy to report what’s working for me this Wednesday: Travel.

Me in Hong Kong 2004

Me in Hong Kong 2004

  1. Fly my body at iFly Singapore

  2. Play for a day at Universal Studios Singapore

  3. Stay at the funky QT Hotel in Sydney

  4. Puff a cigar in Havana, Cuba

  5. Get high in Malaysia by spending a day or two at Genting

  6. Meditate in Nepal

  7. Have an espresso and tiramasu in Italy

  8. Splash and laugh at Adventure World Perth

  9. Take the Sea to Sky Climb train ride to Whistler (from Vancouver)

  10. Ride the rails aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver to Jasper

  11. Same as above but to Calgary via Lake Louise and Banff

  12. Spend a day at Vida Wellness Spa in Whistler

  13. Eat chocolate eclairs in Paris (worth the trip just for this)

  14. Retreat at Gaia Spa near Byron Bay

  15. Temple hop in Sri Lanka

  16. Stay at a resort in Langkawi

  17. Have a fondue in Switzerland

  18. Chill out at a fab apres ski bar anywhere in Europe

  19. Sunbathe topless in Nice

  20. Soak up the atmosphere at Bondi Beach (i’ve been several times and need more of it!)

  21. See what Manly Beach looks like…funnily enough, I’ve never been!!

  22. Attend a writing/yoga retreat in Byron Bay with Sarah Armstrong and Alan Close

  23. Ride a camel along Cable Beach, WA

  24. Attend The Taste Festival in Hobart

  25. Rise above it all in a hot air balloon at the Canberra Festival

Me in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Me in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Now, quite a few of the things on my list, I have either already done or I have been to the country/city involved. I’ve been blessed with a wandering life. So, if they’ve made this list, they were so fabulous, I must do it again! And on another note, many of the items will become reality this year!!! How exciting!

I hope you’re all dreaming of far away places and are living your dreams at this very moment! Until next week with another 25 wishes….safe travels.



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The Fear Factor

We are all afraid of something.




Being alone


Enclosed spaces





The sea





The list could go on and on and on and on………..

It’s natural to feel fear, but it’s a shame if you let it take over your life. If your fear of something or things are preventing you from living a full life or living your dream, then maybe it’s time to face it. Stare it straight in the eyes and say FU#K YOU.

This is why I am loving The Voice right now.

The contestants are so inspirational and courageous!¬† Imagine getting up there, in front of all those people and knowing that Seal, Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden and that spunk Keith Urban are listening to you…..judging you.

It’s so exciting when someone gets through; their dream is about to become a reality. But what about the ones who don’t turn a seat? It must be soul crushing…..it IS crushing to be rejected. It’s why some people never take that step towards greatness.

That’s why I’d like to share Juddy Mac’s audition on The Voice. He may not have made it through but he gave it his best shot. He chased a dream not only for himself, but to set an example for his kids. What a legend. It broke my heart to see his young boy cry at his father’s loss.

It’s far more admirable to ‘give it a go’ and fail then to never even try.

I don’t consider myself a fearful person. Of course, I do let fear get in the way of “winning” some days but I have faced some fairly large demons in my life and continue to do so. I am on this earth to learn and the only way to do that is by doing.

It’s easy to fall into a hole of despair when life gets tough and if you don’t have the strength to climb out you may get buried in all of life’s issues.

My life could have gone down so many different, negative paths if I wasn’t a strong climber. I may not be at the top (yet) but I’m willing to press on.

Is fear a factor in your daily life? Is it holding you back from living your dream?

Need some inspiration? Check out CHRIS SEBASTIAN on The Voice. I cannot get enough of this performance. Yes, he’s super talented but this is an exciting video.