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Black Moon: A time for change

Black moon 2014

I know the new moon is a great time for manifesting wishes and dreams and I often set aside time during this time to write down, or at least think about what it is I want from myself and my life.

A black moon is quite rare. It’s the second new moon in a month. They say, it brings change. As always, I see this as a good time to manifest. I want certain things to happen, so I welcome the change.

It’s 30 days into the new year and I have only just though about what I want from this year. I’ve tried to be clear but I must say, my thoughts and wishes have been a bit all over the place. I don’t want to leave out areas of my life so I try to include each in my goal setting but the results often end up being muddled throughout. But I am willing to change to see my dreams come true.

In no particular order, here is a sample of my goals for 2014.


  • to give more of my time and attention to my son
  • to accept the things I cannot change about my husband
  • to love and accept myself more


  • to write something that is helpful, useful and/or entertaining
  • to write for health publications on a regular basis
  • to break into travel writing and photography
  • be published in The West Australian 4 times
  • to establish myself as a photographer
  • to achieve my financial goals
  • to get my novel to submission status
  • to submit it a publisher
  • to receive my diploma of photography
  • to do a creative writing course
  • to do in-house photography workshops in Perth
  • to exceed my income goals
  • to start another novel


  • Margaret River – family
  • Road trip from Jurien Bay to Exmouth and back – family
  • Bali ¬†– solo wellness/yoga holiday


  • drive to and within Perth city
  • obtain flat abs
  • inspire better eating habits in my son
  • meditate daily
  • weekly yoga class (minimum)
  • daily fitness (6 days)
  • maintain good health
  • never be in debt
  • to stop wasting precious minutes

Material (much to do with work)

  • new laptop
  • 100mm macro lens
  • kneeling desk chair
  • new iPhone
  • book shelf for office
  • new runners
  • mountain bike
  • mini trampoline

For this to happen, I must change some of my habits. I have faith that this black moon will bring positive change to me – if I do the ground work.

What change would you welcome this year?