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What’s Working for me Wednesday

This post comes to you courtesy of Fireball cinnamon whiskey.
I almost didn’t write a What’s Working for me Wednesday post because I developed a sore throat rather suddenly today. This is not just a sore throat either. It’s extreme pain and affecting my right ear as well.I cannot get an appointment at the local medical centre until 12:45pm on Friday.

I forced down about 6 spoonfuls of homemade chicken and leek soup then had to give up. It was far too painful to continue. I’m not worried about this factor. I embrace every opportunity to forgo food because it’s not very often that I do. Oh man, I’m in pain.

Thank goodness I had a brand new bottle of Fireball on the shelf. If you have not had the chance to try this fine alcohol from Canada, I urge you to do so. I’ve had 4 small shots so far this evening. Purely for medicinal reasons, I assure you. The following photos tell a story but please do not think it’s the whiskey making me wince and grimace; it’s the pain from swallowing anything. Believe you me, I feel much better since partaking in the shots. And it won’t stop at 4. I will go on…….

Fireball is what is working for me this Wednesday!!

WARNING: The following images may disturb some.

The smile is for Fireball

Down the hatch

Oh that hurts

Up and running around the dining room…yes in my jammies!

Please help me…


Why do I have so much saliva to swallow?

Going back for round 2

So, what’s working for you this Wednesday?¬†Ummmm, excuse me I have, ummmm things to shoot, I mean drink do. I have important things to do.