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Post holiday depression

tropical paradise

tropical paradise

I recently returned from far north Queensland where I spent 8 glorious days and nights soaking up the sun, breathing the sea air and catching up with friends and family. It was great but I found myself in a funk after it was over.

So much so, I wonder if there is yet a name for this affliction. Maybe,  PHDS (post holiday depression syndrome).

All day Sunday I felt like doing nothing. I would have been very happy to drink coffee and watch Sex and the City all day long. This would not have been very fair to Master T so I read the book instead of watching the series. And then, later in the afternoon, I decided to kill my blues the old fashioned way: booze and food.

It was a scorcher day so 2 beer on the beach was heavenly. Then  2 more at home was well, getting sloppy. I really cannot mix eating and drinking so I stopped once my leftover pasta was ready to serve. Maybe it was giving up the holiday eating that got me down.

leftover angel hair pasta with turkey bolognese....

leftover angel hair pasta with turkey bolognese….

Today marks the start of yet another restriction period. I must stop calling it as such because it’s now my daily routine and not just a “diet” phase. Back to no dairy, no wheat, no yeast, no alcohol. And just to test myself even more I’m trying to limit carbs!! For me, this means no pasta, bread or cereals. It’s nearly dinner time and I haven’t lost the plot yet so all is well. Once Dec 24 comes, it’ll be anything goes for a few days. I refuse to be restricted at Christmas!!

And even though the blues got me yesterday, they’re well and truly gone today. I’m back to routine and back to working….and blogging!! I’m embarrassed about missing 2 weeks of posts. I have no excuse but that I was living it up in the tropics.

As I ease back into my daily life, I will keep this post short and sweet. Keep watch for WWW in 2 days and I promise a holiday run-down by the end of the week!!