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Take a moment and think about your life.

Is it all you ever dreamed of?

Do you wake up each morning excited to get out of bed because you have something really awesome to do?

Are you living your dreams and passions?

Now, let’s talk about death.

Death is a scary word. It’s a scary topic. It’s something many people don’t want to acknowledge will ever happen to them or someone they love.

The truth is, we are all going to die. Yes, even you.

In the wake of another friend’s death, the topic, for me, is hard to escape. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dwell on it.

It’s a reality. It’s the opposite of birth.

If you’re born, you will die. It’s a harsh but simple fact.

But what happens in between in the important part.

Even though I have my moments of “insanity”, I know I am lucky to be where I am today.

Thirteen years (exactly April 1st), I met someone who changed my entire existence and introduced me to a new world.

Through him, I have met some truly amazing people –  lovers of life.

People who don’t live dull, 9-5 rat race types of lives.

People who are brave, optimistic, generous, caring and full of excitement for life.

People who travel the world seeking beauty, opportunity and FUN.

People who face their fears head on.

People who are keen to look within and strive to be the best they can be.

It’s a relatively small, close-knit community of (mostly)  like-minded souls.

Some people outside of the community label them as death seekers and say stuff like, ” they must have a death wish”.

But it’s the complete opposite.

It’s more of a life wish.

Dan Vicary was living a large, excitement-filled life when he was tragically killed in a wing-suit accident on March 29th.

Ludo Woerth, an experienced wing-suit flyer was killed in the same accident and Brian Drake remains in critical condition.

All of these men were highly esteemed leaders in the  skydiving/BASEjumping communities.

And of course, everyone is in deep mourning.

Dan Vicary hand copy

Dan Vicary , one cool kiwi

But let’s not dwell on death. There’s some important things to be learned here.

I thought of Dan as a bit of a rock star. But, there was more to him than just good looks and cool vibes.

He had drive, passion, optimism, tenacity and a love for life. Qualities that many skydivers and BASEjumpers share.

It’s stuff I wish I had. It’s what I keep searching for.

When I was skydiving, I never felt a strong pull to keep doing it but over the past year, I have been contemplating jumping again. It’s something I can’t say “never again” to.

I’m coming to realise that writing is not enough. It’s not bringing the thrills, butterflies or fervour that I’m seeking.

I want a thrilling, fun time; a life that means something to me.

Isn’t that what we all want? An existence that is satisfying, purposeful and makes us happy?

Why is it so hard for so many people (including myself) to figure this out?

I’ll always remember Dan for his grooviness and achievements in BASEjumping. Man, he had some big dreams and he lived them. And that is very inspiring to me.

Next time you read about the death of an extreme sportsman, don’t shake your head and think, “what a waste”. Think about the crazy fun and bravado that person had for going for it and making the most of their time on this earth.

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Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that you need to jump from an aeroplane or cliff to get the most out of life. I just encourage everyone (including myself) to figure out what your passions are and then go after them. 








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How much is too much?

Most of us live in a world where everything is within our reach.

There is always something new to eat, drink, buy, achieve, want, desire and so on.

But in a world that is full of “stuff” and ladders to climb, how much is too much?

How many unnecessary material “things” does one really need?

How many meals and snacks does one need to feel satisfied?

How many vices do I need to make it through each day?

How many credentials does one need to be successful?

How many goals, dreams and desires do you need to move forward?

How full does your life “plate” really need to be?

For the past few years, ok many years now, I have been over-stuffing myself with food, drink, drugs, assignments, courses, plans, to do lists,  goals…you name it.

Yesterday, I turned 42.

I also signed up for a Diploma of Photography course and I did a solo skydive (my first in over 5 months).

Now, I know this all sounds very exciting, even to me but it’s extremely overwhelming too.

The course is a full-on commitment for sure. I haven’t even looked at the 1st module yet. I have 6 more days to cancel without penalty if I choose. It’s not really an option.

The skydive was nerve-wrecking to say the least. Although I have had a skydiving license for 8.5 years, I have only completed 3 solo jumps in the past 8 years; one yesterday and 2 in October. This is not ideal.

There are many factors to consider when becoming a solo skydiver. I’m not sure I considered any of them when I did my AFF course or before doing my jump yesterday.

When you’re not a current jumper, and as inexperienced as I am (I have only ever done 38 solo jumps, including my AFF course), it’s not only hard on anxiety levels, it’s bloody time consuming.

Mr M, who is a skydiver by trade advised me to get current this week and next and maybe next. Whatever it takes over the next few weeks.

This means much more money and much more time.

Time (or money)  that I do not have, nor do I want to give to skydiving. But I’m not sure I want to give it up completely yet. I’m questioning my reasons for jumping at all.

Basically, I don’t place it as a priority. I don’t need or want to excel at skydiving. I want to excel at writing, photography, my health, motherhood and my marriage.

My life plate is over-flowing. Here is what is currently on it:

  • Full-time freelance writing (which comes with a long TO DO list alone)
  • Writing my first novel
  • Housewife with all the normal duties (cleaning, cooking, shopping, admin)
  • Mother to 7-year-old boy
  • Fitness and meditation
  • Health issues to deal with
  • School runs
  • NEW! Photography student
  • NEW! Skydiving student (kind of)

Today I woke up with the skydiving decision looming over me. Most things on the list above cannot be omitted.

It’s noon on a Tuesday and I am still in my pyjamas. I have had 2 coffees, chocolate and no food so far.  This is rare but today, I found depression trying to sneak up on me. I won’t let it in of course. The desire to perform and succeed is too strong in me. I don’t have time for the blues or pity for myself.

For today, skydiving has been knocked off my list. I just need more time to wrap my head around my priorities. I guess, it all comes down to that doesn’t it? Priorities. 


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Are you doing too much? Do you feel overwhelmed? Is there something you can give up without sacrifice? 







The Skydiver Diet

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