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A thrifty’s guide to homemade smoothies


I love a good smoothie and in my household, at least one batch is made daily. If I’m in the city, I almost always get a smoothie from BOOST. My favourite is the Gym Junkie!!

However, I’m glad I don’t live near a good smoothie bar because these liquid lunches can be very expensive. When in Perth, I pay approximately $7.50 a pop. If I were to buy one each day that would be $52.50 per week or $2730 per year.

Can you imagine?

I’m sure there are some city slickers who ARE dishing out that kind of cash on smoothies. And better than blowing it on heroin but I am sure my homemade smoothies are much more cost effective.

Here’s what I do to save money on smoothies:

  • Buy reduced to clear items. I simply cannot pass a mark down on bananas, strawberries or yoghurt. These are staple smoothie ingredients and can be frozen for later use. Frozen smoothie ingredients are better anyway. Most “spotty” bananas are perfectly fine on the inside.
reduced to clear

I saved $3.50 on this reduced tub of greek yoghurt.

frozen yog

ta da….perfect little yoghurt cubes for the blender


cool (and cheap!!) bananas

  • Buy UHT rice or almond milk when on sale. These pantry items will not go off so stock up! Add tins of coconut milk to the list too.
  • Buy in bulk. Frozen fruits and berries can be pricey so get the most for your money with bulk bags. Protein powders and chia seeds are also better bought in large quantities.
value packs

I love mango smoothies

  • Watch for online specials. I often buy health items from online shops. I love the single servings of smoothie powder from Green Smoothie Co and they do sometimes have sales! They also have just reduced the size of the portions, therefore they reduced the price too!

Yes, I skimp on ingredients but have a kick-ass expensive blender..lol

Do you buy smoothies or make your own? What’s your favourite combo?




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What’s going in my mouth.

Here I am at 8pm on Sunday night and frantic about getting this post published. And it’s mostly going to be photos so it’s an easy one, yet I’m rushing. I go to bed at 9pm you know!!

I’m happy with my eating this week. When I toasted cinnamon raison bread this morning for Master T, I wanted it so badly but I did not succumb to the scented bread. I don’t understand why I always struggle 3 weeks in without bread. It was the same with cigarettes but worse at the 2 month mark. Anyway, enough about bread and cigarettes……I’m so done with those poisons. I will admit to having the odd carb, just a bite here and there…not bread but say a cracker or a couple cheezels. It’s no big deal if you don’t make it that way.

I’m off to Sydney in 5 days and will loosen up a bit while on my working/educational holiday. You’ll have to wait until next Sunday to see how over the top I go…lol!!!


Not the best pic but this is lentil salad with eggplant and sheep’s feta! It was delish.


One of my all time fav dishes: falafel, hummus and fresh salad!!


Eat your veggies…broccoli is always a winner with me!


My breakfast now consists of a rice milk and berry smoothie. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of greek yoghurt.


I have an evening tea ritual. Sometimes it’s Lemongrass and ginger or rooibos or my calming blend.

Now, it’s teatime….sweet dreams.