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What’s Working for me Wednesday – Soap nuts!

A few months ago I saw some health-conscious acquaintances talking about soap nuts on Facebook. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I had never heard of soap nuts before and probably should have been working – not scrolling through Facebook.

The words ‘soap nuts’ stuck in my mind though and eventually I got around to googling them. Hmmm. Seed pods from the Sapinuaus mukorossi plant that are a natural soap? Can replace the need for common laundry and dish detergent, hand soap, shampoo or even body wash? And people I ¬†know are using this and loving it? I was intrigued.

I ordered a 250g bag of nuts immediately.

They arrived yesterday.

To use as laundry soap, it’s easy as. Just place 6 nuts (they are crushed slightly) into the supplied wash bag or an old sock. The same bag can be used for several loads. I haven’t tried this yet but I have made some liquid soap.

soap nuts as is

From this

To make the concentrate, just boil 6 nuts in 500ml of water. Strain and use for anything that needs cleaning. I have been washing my hands with it and it does feel very clean.

Soap nuts in water

to this ( a double batch)

I’m quite keen to see how it is in the shower.

No more SLS, phosphates, parabens or other nasties (I did add citric acid to help preserve). And no more paying up to $20 for a litre of chemical-free washing agents! The 250g bag of nuts was just $16! I don’t know how many washes I will get but I reckon it will be heaps!!

soap nuts liquid

to liquid soap, ready to use!!

Soap Nuts are working for me this Wednesday!!!

What’s working for you?