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Tummy Busters: How I’m beating the bloat

no bloat


I’ve been on a free-for-all diet for the past 6 weeks or so and I must say, I feel happier emotionally but I won’t lie, physically, I’ve felt better.

I have not worked-out since early June. It’s winter and I just do not have the motivation. I’ve also been back in the swing of work and for now, I’m happy writing and achieving goals there. Mentally though, I am preparing to return to a regular fitness routine on September 1st.

Considering all of this, my tummy issues have mostly disappeared. The severe, daily bloating has stopped and I am convinced Inner Health is the reason.

Inner Health is a pro-biotic capsule that contains 25 billion good bacteria  per supplement. Any largeness to my tummy is now fat. Plain and simple. And a bit disappointing.

I used to take IH years ago and I don’t know why I stopped or had not tried it earlier this year when I was having so many stomach issues. Daily acidophilus yogurt is not enough but delicious so I still love to eat it.

Another thing that has been working for me it stepping away from the wheat. I’m not banning it anymore but when I begin to feel crappy, I reduce my wheat intake considerably.

I have also started to take a herbal laxative. It comes in the form of tea and it is easy to drink. The downside of this of course is the stomach cramps and need to be near a toilet. It doesn’t last long and it generally takes 10-12 hours to kick in so it’s all about getting the timing right.

Here’s what I believe is working for me to reduce bloating:

  1. Daily Inner Health Plus Dairy Free
  2. Starting my day with hot lemon and water (before anything else is consumed)
  3. Reducing wheat
  4. Drinking herbal laxative  tea – once or twice a week

I reckon once I return to my fitness routine, I will feel pretty darn good. And hopefully look like this again.

Jennifer April 2013

Taken April 2013. This is my inspiration. It’s not the best my body has looked but I’d take it over today’s mirror reflection.




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Hospital, starvation, drugs and a good book

I checked into Joondalup Health Campus (Private) at 3:30pm on Monday as scheduled. I was not allowed any food that day but had to drink lots. This frequent liquid intake helped with hunger pangs but by early evening I felt like I was hallucinating. When the orderly brought my “dinner” I had never been so excited to consume artificial colours in the form of cordial and jelly (Jello).

june 13 dinner


I spent most of the evening reading A Fault in Our Stars by John GreenI had started it the night before and had to force myself to turn the light off and go to bed so I was less than 40 pages in when I got to the hospital. From 4pm until 730pm I sipped and read, sipped and read. At 730, The Voice came on but I must say, I was more interested in my book than I was the show. Of course, by about 830pm the laxatives had kicked in so I was up and down. I can hear someone yell STOP, so I will not go into those details. It wasn’t that bad though.

june 13 hos room

This is only half of my private room.

june 13 me reading

A selfie of me doing what I do best

I stayed up reading until 11pm but I did not get a sound sleep – too much back and forth or fear of going through my mind to really rest. Even so, my mini “holiday” was delightful. Sad to think that is how I find solitude and some ME time. FFS!!

At 6:40am I was woken by the nurse for yet another dose of laxative. Ok, Ok I’m not saying more. I drank it and picked up my book again.

This book, which BTW, is a Young Adult read is fantastic. I was hooked from page 1. It’s dark; there’s a lot of death and sadness but the love story is heart warming and hopeful. It’s beautifully written  the characters are all loveable creatures (well, most of them).  I can only dream of being as good a writer as John Green some day. I was lucky to be so engrossed that I didn’t have much time to consider the procedure that was upon me. Before I knew it, it was time to shower with the hospital grade antibacterial body wash and immediately afterwards, I was taken to surgery.

It’s quite confronting being wheeled through the ward, down the elevator and through hallways with all eyes on you as you pass. When we got to the holding area, I was left there for a few minutes before a nurse covered me with a warm blanket. How great are those blanket warmers? I was all warm and snug until the anaesthetist came and asked me a zillion questions before whisking me off to the theatre.

I saw my doctor, who I had only ever met once before and he spoke to me for about 30 seconds before the anaesthetist gave me the shot. It  entered my bloodstream through my right hand. I felt it slowly cooling my arm as the nurse asked me to open wide for the mouth piece. That’s it. The next thing I remember was the opening and closing of my eyes as two nurses stood by my bed back in the holding area. They were talking about something that had happened the day before or to another staff member or something. I struggled to hold my eyelids open then gave up and just enjoyed the inability.

I spent the next 2-3 hours in my room waiting for my blood pressure to come down and the drugs to wear off. I was given lunch (gluten-free) and read until Mr M and Master T arrived to get me. The nurse came and gave me a report to take home.

All I know at this point is this: “Normal lower GI endoscopy”.

I am still waiting for the biopsy report to be sent to my GP.

What I have noticed is this. On the morning after I had had no food for 36 hours, my tummy was flat. Now that I am eating again it is constantly bloated and I am not having any gluten. Mr M says that I’m obsessing and maybe I am.

Maybe I am. I’ve always been really good at that.


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Why I have to eat gluten.

I’m back on gluten. It’s not by choice but I must admit, I am enjoying my freshly made blueberry lemon scones. Even though I said I wouldn’t over-do it, I already have. I feel fine – full maybe but nothing horrible has gone on or wrong with my body…so far.

blueberry scones

homemade blueberry lemon scones

The reason I am back on gluten is because my Gastroenterologist has suggested it. More than suggested it, I guess. See, I need to have a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy  and he said that it is best for me to be on a gluten diet before the procedure.    Which is fine, obviously I jumped right back to wheat when I found out. I love baking and I have been missing muffins and toast. Last week, I made a gluten-free loaf of bread (pre-mix) and it was good. Would have been better if the whole loaf had of cooked the entire way through but.

I can’t get stuck on gluten though. And I need to realise that after the operation, I will need to restrict it again. The specialist said that if nothing major turns up, it’s mostly likely going to be that I have IBS and there’s no cure all for that. Let us wait and see what happens.

I’m in the process of checking with my insurance and booking the hospital. I could go on the public wait-list but it may take up to 3 months and if I go public, I don’t get an anaesthesiologist. I think it worth the $250 insurance excess to go private and have the right people administering drugs.

I’m not looking forward to the procedure but I am looking forward to a few more gluten-based meals over the next few weeks.

It’s Friday people!! Have a great weekend. Let us eat cake.