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Day Two – Pizza Temptation

Well, it’s 10pm and I’ve survived another day of the new me!! I am hungry right now though!! Today could have been a disaster because I hosted a children’s birthday party!!

The cake didn’t tempt me but¬† I nearly licked the spoon while mixing up icing. The lollies nor the chocolate made me fold. The meaty, cheesy pizza at dinner time looked damn yummy though. Again, I had to resist habit of just picking up a piece!!

My food intake is so much less than it was 2 days ago. I’m lucky to have a great metobolism so I’ve already shed 1kg (just about). I know some people will hate me for this. BTW, I am 155cm tall.

My “normal” weight is 48 kgs. This isn’t about the weight, it’s about my health issues but I want to document how fast I can lose weight (toxins) by eating healthier.

Weight: 50.4kgs


  • Oatmeal with cinnamon, chia seeds, organic sultanas, fresh apple
  • Decaf coffee with rice milk
  • 1 Bromelain supplement
  • 1 1000mg Vitamin C supplement


  • nothing – at party where I witnessed cake eating, lollie sucking and juice guzzling


  • Left-over Brown rice salad (carrot, green capsicum etc)
  • 1 Strawberry
  • 3 orange segments
  • handful of plain potato chips
  • 1 small glass of pineapple juice


  • 1 Vitamin C supplement
  • Decaf, soy flatwhite (like a Latte)
  • 1 orange


  • Fresh mixed vegetable salad with, pumpkin seeds, tuna, olive oil and lemon


  • 1 spiced Rooibos tea with rice milk
  • 1 Vit C supplement

Physically: Today was the first morning in weeks that I didn’t need my ventolin!!! I’ve used it only once today, where I was using up to 4-6 times per day on some days.

Goal for tomorrow: DRINK MORE WATER