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UPDATE: travel and lifestyle blog on hold

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UPDATE: March 23, 2020

If you’re just seeing this post, please disregard it. I am back here at Kai Chronicles where I will return to blogging about everything food, health, travel and life in general. But, the focus will be cooking and baking! Stay tuned.


Hello there!

I just wanted to tell you all that I am blogging over at my writer site!

I would love you guys to subscribe to that blog where I will focus on all things travel and lifestyle.

On my website, you will also see my portfolio of published writing.

I can’t promise much happenings here at Kai Chronicles but I do have big travel plans for 2018 so please stay in touch over at JMW.

Subscribe to my new blog here.

As a small gift,  you’ll get a PDF copy of my short e-book, Becoming my own boss: 5 things I wish I’d known before starting my own business. It’s perfect for anyone starting, or dreaming about, running their own work from home business.

Thank you for being here. I hope to see you over at JMW. May you travel far.

travel quote


Detox in Bali: In search of my last meal(s)

When I arrive in Ubud, Bali the sun is high. It warms my back as I walk the long alleyway to the Yoga Barn where I will spend the next four nights.

It’s only 10 am and my room is not ready so I leave my bag at reception and head out in search of a few healthy cafes I have listed in my notebook.

Lucky for me, I come across Clear Cafe, a stunning eatery a 15 minute (or so) walk away. ( I posted a review about it here.) Continue reading


Review: Clear Cafe in Ubud, Bali


The view from my table (well, when I stand up)

On my only food friendly day in Ubud, I wonder the streets in search of a healthy cafe. I have a list of potentials and ask a local man to point me in the direction of one within walking.

‘This one too far,’ he says as he points to the notebook in my hands, ‘you need taxi. Don’t know this one’, as he points to another but then, ‘ahh, Soma is not far.’

‘I can walk there?’

‘Yes, not far you can walk,’ he says as he moves his right hand in the direction of the cafe.

So, I turn right from the Yoga Barn’s alley and onto Jilan Raya Pengosekan.

It’s mid-morning and relatively quiet. I love how the shopkeepers do not harass me nearly as much as they do in Kuta.

Shops are close together, piled up on each other it seems. I keep my eyes open for Soma as I walk and take it all in.

Just when I thought I may have missed it, I spot the sign for Clear Cafe. This one’s on my list and I remember a positive review from another blogger so I decide to go in.

Continue reading


Marriage hurting? Try the Bali Band-Aid.

Six days in Bali proved to be a marriage saver. Or at least a Band-Aid.


Happy 10th Anniversary

When Mr M suggested we go to Bali for our 10th wedding anniversary, I knew it was not only to celebrate the milestone but an attempt to fix what was becoming severely broken.

So, focussing on the solution, we travelled on our anniversary.

It’s such a short flight from Perth and low season in Bali, we were at the Dynasty Resort in Kuta by 3pm.

Drinking fizz

Drinking fizz

We chose the Dynasty because of its kids club but Master T only spent 2 evenings there for the dinner/movie nights. He loved it and we loved the kid-free time.

bali 2

just the 2 of us

The first night, we had  quiet cocktails at the rooftop lounge, H2O before heading out on the streets of Kuta in search of a cheap massage.

And boy oh boy, there are plenty to choose from!! With every step you are inundated with brochures.

“Massage, you want massage?”

“Come. You get massage”

“I give you massage. Cheap.”

Personally, I don’t like their selling techniques.

Being dragged down an alley to be shown their less than pristine salon is a bit much. Mr M nearly had to take down a woman when she refused to let go of his wrist. He was alone when that happened. On our trip out that evening we didn’t have any problems.

Thankfully, he had already chosen a place so we passed all the beggars and went straight to M&M day spa.

It wasn’t flash but what can you expect for a 1-hour Balinese massage for $5?  Seriously, $5! We had side-by-side beds too so there was no happy ending for Mr M!! Though, I’m not sure this is practised in Bali anyway.

On the way back to the hotel, we grabbed some Indian take-away and ate it in the room.

I slept through the night that night – the first time in weeks!!

On our second date night, I treated us both to a flash massage at the resort spa, Ashoka.


A spa more to my liking

Ashoka is more my speed. I’m not a snob but I like a clean, quiet, softly lit place to be pampered.

We each had our own rooms because we had different treatments. I chose the Ayurveda Shirodara.

The 90-minute back and head massage was blissful. Sounds of soft music and a babbling brook (that was actually a water feature)  lulled me to a semi-conscious state as the masseuse carefully worked her magic hands around my back.

The big reason I booked this treatment was for the hot oil part. It’s big in Ayurveda and though I have had many Ayurveda massages in the past, I had never experienced hot oil poured over my third eye.

I’m not sure if I liked it or not, to  be honest. Sometimes the oil was too hot and I had to tell her. Of course, the oil drizzles down your forehead and into your hair so a thorough head massage and conditioner treatment followed.

It was all very lovely and worth the extra $35 or so (still a bargain!!). Especially since I took advantage of the 6-9pm 20% discount!!

Afterwards, Mr M and I met in the reception area for a delicious ginger and lime drink, a great way to prime the tummy for dinner.

We ate dinner in the resort restaurant where we had had our family dinners. Really, it was better than the food we had outside the resort and better prices too!!!

Date night ended at 9pm when Master T was picked up from his movie night.

Even though we only had 2 evenings “alone” the time we spent together as a couple was great and much needed. But our family time was also great and even when we weren’t actively doing “stuff” we were still all having a good time.

While Master T made friends around the pool, we lazed on the lounge chairs or sat on the underwater stools at the swim-up bar while indulging in the twice daily happy hour. I just love having a cocktail at noon! And why not?

We didn’t need to be anywhere, do anything or argue about anything on that trip. There was no stress. Period.

Clouds over sunset

Clouds over Kuta

With my primary position of stay-at-home mother/wife reinstated (and accepted), I’m hoping the stress-free feelings stay.

If not, we may need another Bali Band-Aid.


Dreaming of Dubai


Next stop: Dubai

I love to travel. Always have, always will.

I have wanted to go to Dubai for a few years now. I have yet to get the stamp in my passport.

a dubai

How cool is this?

This week, Masterchef took the contestants to Dubai which re-fueled my desire. I was giddy and goofy for two nights watching the TV food contest. My two loves in one show: food and travel.

George and Matt in DUBAI!!!

I do believe a trip to Dubai is in my nearish future. You see, I have friends moving there in a few weeks!! YES, it’s true and you know who you are! Did I ever tell you how good looking you both are?

Of course, when you have friends in a foreign country, it is certainly the best time to visit. I hope you guys will have a spare room in your castle (I imagine everyone in Dubai lives in a castle, even skydiving staff!!). Please do not crush my dreams.

Not only is Dubai rich, hot and stunning to look at, it offers my favourite food. I’m making falafel and hummus for dinner tonight to ease my future thinking fuelled anxiety.

So, as I sit here rugged up in my Kathmandu hoodie with the wind howling outside, I dream of Dubai. I dream of gold and riches. Camels and sand. Giant aquariums and water-slides. Souks and spices. Amusement parks and wind tunnels. Hummus and kebabs. And that fancy ass hotel, you know, the big one!!


Call me here.

Where are you dreaming of visiting?

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Best place to celebrate Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Last year I was lucky enough to spend Canada Day in the country’s capital, Ottawa. As you’d expect, the party was long and loud. It was my first time ever in the city so I felt like Tommy Tourist a bit, but really didn’t do much. Just being there is enough. My main reason was to visit my niece and to see the fireworks on Capital Hill. I did both.

We went downtown in late afternoon, well passed the party start time. The streets were a mess of patrons in red and white. It was a dream come true for me and words (and time right now) fail me so I’ll let my photos say it all.

CD 1 CD2 CD3 CD4 CD5

Happy Canada Day to Canadians all around the world!!!

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My Top 100 travel wishes

I’ve been lucky enough to travel lots! I was even fortunate enough to work as a photographer on a cruise ship so I have heaps of cool travel pics to share. If anyone is considering such employment, do it. I only lasted 6 months (1 contract) but that  was by my choice and because I got married.

So, not only will I share my entire top 100 travel wishes, I will share some of the travel that I have been fortunate to undertake. Enjoy. I hope it inspires someone, somewhere to dream large and then make the dreams reality.

singapore at night

Me in Singapore 2010

me snowboarding

Rippin’ it up at Big White, Canada 2009

church of the spilled blood

In St Petersburg – that’s the Church on the Spilled Blood in the background!! 2003

snow fun

Us having fun in the snow at Big White 2009.

Top 100 Travel Wishes and Dreams (in no particular order)

  1. Walk the Great Wall of China

  2. Buy a pair of Manola Blahniks in New York City (oh so Carrie Bradshaw)

  3. See a Broadway play in NYC

  4. Spend a weekend in a log cabin in the wilds of Canada

  5. Have a snowy winter wonderland Christmas

  6. Learn to cook a Vietnamese meal in Hanoi

  7. Work on my tan in the Cook Islands

  8. Do the hula in Hawaii

  9. Scream on a rollercoaster at an American amusement park with my boys

  10. Attend a writing course at Australian Writers’ Centre in Sydney

  11. Take Jo Tracey out for dinner in Sydney

  12. Meet my friend Gillian in Bali for a girls week away

  13. Spend a snowboarding holiday in Banff, Canada with my boys

  14. Cruise to Alaska from Vancouver

  15. Drink apple tea in Turkey

  16. Have a smoke and a pancake in Amsterdam

  17. Visit the Angkor temples

  18. Shop at the Angkor night market in Siem Reap

  19. Meet Leigh Redhead in Hanoi

  20. Dine on street food in Hanoi

  21. Drink a Guinness beer in Ireland

  22. Tour a winery in Margaret River

  23. Stay at an ashram in India

  24. Float on a junk in Hong Kong

  25. Practise yoga at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India

  26. Fly my body at iFly Singapore

  27. Play for a day at Universal Studios Singapore

  28. Stay at the funky QT Hotel in Sydney

  29. Puff a cigar in Havana, Cuba

  30. Get high in Malaysia by spending a day or two at Genting

  31. Meditate in Nepal

  32. Have an espresso and tiramasu in Italy

  33. Splash and laugh at Adventure World Perth

  34. Take the Sea to Sky Climb train ride to Whistler (from Vancouver)

  35. Ride the rails aboard the Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver to Jasper

  36. Same as above but to Calgary via Lake Louise and Banff

  37. Spend a day at Vida Wellness Spa in Whistler

  38. Eat chocolate eclairs in Paris (worth the trip just for this)

  39. Retreat at Gaia Spa near Byron Bay

  40. Temple hop in Sri Lanka

  41. Stay at a resort in Langkawi

  42. Have a fondue in Switzerland

  43. Chill out at a fab apres ski bar anywhere in Europe

  44. Sunbathe topless in Nice

  45. Soak up the atmosphere at Bondi Beach (i’ve been several times and need more of it!)

  46. See what Manly Beach looks like…funnily enough, I’ve never been!!

  47. Attend a writing/yoga retreat in Byron Bay with Sarah Armstrong and Alan Close

  48. Ride a camel along Cable Beach, WA

  49. Attend The Taste Festival in Hobart

  50. Rise above it all at the Canberra Festival in a hot air balloon

  51. New Year’s Eve in Sydney for fireworks!

  52. Be colourful at the Holi festival in India

  53. Visit Siena, Italy during the Palio

  54. Eat pizza in Naples, Italy (I’ve done this before and OMG…the best pizza evah)

  55. Learn Italian in Italy

  56. Go to Milan during Fashion Week (I know nothing of fashion but it’s so Carrie Bradshaw that I must do it someday)

  57. Keeping with the Carrie theme……drink a Cosmopolitan & a Manhattan in…you guessed it, Manhattan

  58. Learn to dance like they did in the 1700s in Venice so I can……

  59. Attend a fab party during Carnival

  60. Explore the mysteries of Luxor, Egypt

  61. Spend a weekend in San Francisco

  62. See the Yukon, Canada

  63. Watch bull-riding at the Calgary Stampede

  64. Photograph the Grand Canyon, USA

  65. Tour the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica

  66. Climb the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

  67. Swim at Shark Bay, WA

  68. Swim with dolphins at Monkey Mia,WA

  69. Take Master T trick or treating (a proper Halloween) in North America

  70. Eat falafel and hummus in Jordan

  71. Learn to belly dance in Egypt

  72. Drive a snowmobile in Canada (no, I’ve never done this…shocking, I know)

  73. Gorge on tacos, quesadillas and tequila in Mexico

  74. Rent a whitewashed, seaside house in Greece

  75. Never be hungry in Hungary

  76. Go back to Oman

  77. Arrive to Tofino, British Columbia (Canada) by seaplane

  78. Rent Tigh-na Clayoquot Vacation House in Tofino BC for a week with friends (Gillian, this has your name all over it!!)

  79. Go to the Australian Open (Tennis) in Melbourne

  80. See a quokka on Rottnest Island, WA

  81. Spend a night in an igloo

  82. See gorillas in the wild in Rwanda

  83. Ride an elephant in Thailand

  84. Snowboard in Japan

  85. Be amazed at Cirque de Soleil (anywhere will do)

  86. Take a learn to surf course in Hawaii (just for fun…I don’t want to surf)

  87. Visit Sydney with my sister, Christine!!

  88. See penguins on Penguin Island, WA

  89. Writing course in Paris

  90. Attend the Healthivate health bloggers conference in Sydney (aim for 2014)

  91. Spend a month or more just “being” in Thailand

  92. Spend the night on Halong Bay, Vietnam

  93. Walk the Milford Track (NZ)

  94. Walk along the Bay of Fires beach in Tasmania

  95. Walk the Inca Trail, Peru

  96. Return to Morocco

  97. Teach English in Southeast Asia (someday)

  98. Spend a month alone writing in Bali

  99. See a moose on Cape Breton Island (Canada)

  100. Travel around Australia on a promo tour as a published author!!

 I’m quite happy to say that some of the list has already been accomplished!!! Yip yip!!

Here’s a glimpse of the world through my lens.

corsica cottage

Cottage by the sea…Corsica 2004


A Mosque in Casablanca 2004


Portofino, Italy….I love love love this one!

Even if not watermarked all photos  are © Jennifer Morton Photos

Dream BIG and live LARGE