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A running start



always wear proper gear

I’m back baby!

Since returning from my wellness holiday in Bali, I have re-committed to daily fitness.

Each day I get up by 630am and start moving.

I’m back to doing my Tracy Anderson videos – 6 days a week until Sept 30th. I think this will give me a great kick-start to my bikini body. Let’s face it, it’s all about looking good on the beach!!

Of course, that’s not entirely true. I want to feel the best I’ve ever felt too. And so far, I feel amazing.

I’m back running too.

My first day back was hard!

I ran 2.58km and but took me 19 minutes!! I was barely jogging – it was embarrassing how slow I was going! But, I was stoked that I didn’t have to stop – I actually jogged the entire way!!

But each day I continued to move: yoga, walking, running and then the Tracy Anderson videos were added to the mix on Sept 13. My goal is to ENJOY the process.

running view

check out my view


My longest run (since re-starting on Sept 09th) is 3.25 km. Just yesterday, I ran 2.84 km in 17.53 minutes, which is not even an improvement from day one but never mind. I’d like to get up to 5km within a month.

remember to stretch before and after

remember to stretch before and after

Summer is on its way and I’m so happy to be up out of bed just after sunrise. It won’t be long and I’ll be up with the sun!

I love early mornings! It makes the hours in the day seem longer.

Stayed tuned for a post about my Bali trip. It was so freaking great!! I really need to figure out how I  can do that trip once a year!! Doing a cleanse holiday in Springtime is a fantastic way to get ready for summer.

What are you doing to get your mind, body and soul ready for the summer season? 




Author: Jennifer Morton

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2 thoughts on “A running start

  1. It does make you feel good when you start exercising or training. I’m back into training for my next trek and I started yoga last week. Never done it before and it’s a challenge but I’m gonna stay with it. Good luck with your regime 🙂

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